Bang Bang Oriental

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Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

In the Past Colindale had a large shopping mall area called Yaohan shopping center which was sold off to a Malaysian company and then called Oriental City on Edgware Road. It had a large oriental supermarket selling raw ingredients, crockery. Foods to eat were also available as it had a food court area featuring different oriental cuisines, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian and Japanese. There were also other shops that ranged from materials, clothing, jewelry, video games, Sega games, hairdresser beauty, Chinese medicine. It was a piece of oriental merchandise in London.

Bang Bang Oriental 1This was closed mid-2008 and after other experiments demolished in 2014. It was mainly large food shops and eating areas specifically catering for Oriental food.

In the summer of 2017, the ground of the old site reopened as Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall. Also, a new large Morrison’s opened next door.

Bang Bang Oriental Food hall has a large group of food outlets in an open plan court where people can order and sit in the food hall to eat. There is also a larger sit-down restaurant downstairs. Upon a recent visit we were told there are no shops to buy raw ingredients from in there anymore, however, next door is an oriental food supermarket Loon Fung who have a chain of five shops in the London area, Chinatown, Alperton, Colindale, Tottenham, Stratford. There was a small area where two stalls were selling new year souvenirs. They had an event to celebrate the Chinese new year and decorated the area accordingly.

Whilst it attracts a multi-cultural set of people there are a lot of oriental people seen using the center. It still seems to provide diverse cuisines from Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea Indonesia. There is also a bar and they seem to have outside seating and run seasonal events. They have a website.


Reviews about the place are on the whole very positive google maps boasts a load. The eating venue stays open late until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

How to get there

The nearest Tube station is Colindale on the Northern line zone 4

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