Discover 9 Fascinating Facts about the Cutty Sark in London

The name Cutty Sark is often misspelled as Cutty Sark, significantly enough for the wrong word to rank on Google 

Clippers typically have a crew of around 28 men. Jock Willis reduced the number on the Cutty Sark to 19-24 men to cut costs

The Cutty Sark recorded a maximum speed of 17.5 knots, which is equivalent to 20.5 mph, or just over 32 km hour. Not bad for a sailing ship that weighed just over 960 tons gross.

The Cutty Sark’s final resting place is in a dry dock in Greenwich, London, making its final voyage there in 1954. The ship remained open to the elements until renovations took place towards the end of the 2000s. The renovations survived a fire and presented the Cutty Sark sitting in a glass-covered water, that made the boat look as if it was riding the waves. 

What is Cutty Sarks Size

  • The boat weighs 963 tons,
  • 65 meters long and  
  • Beam 11 meters
  • Sales are 32,000 sq. ft. (2,976 sq. m)
  • depth of 6.5 meters

 The Cutty Sark was renamed Ferreira in 1885 when a Portuguese company brought the ship. They say it is bad luck to rename a ship, but in this case the ship lived long enough to be named back to the Cutty Sark. Outliving all of the competition of its time.

Voyages to the China sea.

The Cutty Sark ran the China Sea route to Shanghai. It also went to Australia Sydney, Japan, Manila, New York, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Anjer, Tasmania,  cape horn, Manila, The Lizard, Bristol Channelpenarth, Atlantic Ocean, The Roaring Forties, Madras, Coconada, Bimlipatan, Philipines, Penarth Wales, Nagasaki, Singapore, Madras, Kakinada,

How long did these journeys take Speed stats

  • 17.5 knots best speed could travel 300 miles in a day
  • Sydney to London 73 days a record of making some 67,69 and 70 days to Sydney or Newcastle.
  • 24 hrs 363 nautical miles (418 miles 672 km) average 15 knots 17 mph or 28km/ hr

Comparisons of voyage times, despite being known as the fastest tea clipper, it beat its main competitior Thermopylae by 1 day, towards the end of its career, steam ships would beat the Cutty Sark by some 40 days.

  • Cutty Sark London – Shanghai 104 Days.
  • The first voyage took 110 days.
  • Thermopylae took 105 days from Foochow.
  • Steamers could do this in 60 Days by  1870 Diomed and Agamemnon  Erl King via Suez

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