The Sex Pistols first Gig November 6th 1975 listed as Support Band on the Flyer

The first gig of the Sex Pistols

The legendary British Punk Band, The Sex Pistols, played their first Gig at St Martin’s School of Art on the Charing Cross Road. The gig was arranged by Bass player Glen Matlock who was a student at Saint Martins School of Art, until 1974.

Sex Pistols Gig 50p

Tickets for the gig went for 50p. On the flyer for the event, they listed the Sex Pistols as the Support Band to the headline act Bazooka Joe. Bazooka Joe morphed into other things amongst other things bass player Stuart Leslie Goddard also known as Adam Ant become a phenomenon in his own right. 

The Sex Pistols set played to less than 30 people and lasted all of 12minutes before the venue management took the band off the stage. This was the first time Johnny Lydon played as the frontman for the Sex Pistols.

The first gig is written into the annals of rock history, not for the ten minutes of playtime, but more that it marked the beginning of the British punk anti-establishment phenomena The Sex Pistols.

Over the years there have been many versions of this first gig, recounted by more people than where there, general consensus was the band may not have been finely polished, but where memorably loud.

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As a tribute lets turn to YouTube and watch the Sex Pistols in Action, Parental Advisory advised ‘God Save the Queen’

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