The chilling true story of the 21st October 1977 hostage episode

1977  The episode “Hostage”  of the tv series  The New Avengers was  broadcast

This action drama series was a continuation from the hit 1960s shows the Avengers. It ranged from 1976 to 1977. Produced by Fennell and Clemens. Filmed at Pinewood Studios.

Series 2 E7 Hostage

Joanna Lumley played the part of Purdey a secret agent who had been trained at the Royal Ballet, good at doing the high swinging kicks, fighting karate style. Her pageboy, bob hairstyle set off a fashion. Woman power was not that usual in drama series in those times.

Patrick Macnee from the original series also was cast as John Steed again being the mentor to Gambit and Purdey and somewhat the boss of the operations they faced.

Gareth Hunt, played Mike Gambit, also good at martial arts and a sharp marksman.

To step back into time Freeview Channel True Entertainment has been rerunning the episodes since July 2018.

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