20th September 1996 Christopher Wren’s £50 bank note withdraws

Stone Bust of Wren

1996 The £50 note with Christopher Wren on the back was withdrawn

Christopher Wren that appeared on the back of the £50 bank note . As seen in the Bank of England Museum
Christopher Wren that appeared on the back of the £50 banknote. As seen in the Bank of England Museum

The note was first issued on 20th March 1981. Series D designed by  Harry Eccleston, assisted by Roger Withington and David Wicks. Christopher Wren one of the most respected historic architects in History.  He was also Educated in physics, Maths, astronomy, anatomy, geometry, and Latin. He is associated with many things St Pauls Cathedral 1710. Royal Naval College, Greenwich. He rebuilt over 50 buildings after the Great Fire of London in 1666. Founded the Royal Society.

On the Bank Note Queen, Elizabeth II is wearing the George IV State Diadem, also known as the Diamond Diadem. Made for King George IV 1820 for his coronation. It is noted to have 1333 Diamonds, 169 pearls. Four Crosses, that represent the George Cross. The front cross has a honey coloured diamond in the middle. Next to the crosses are bouquets of flora, Rose, Thistle, a shamrock in Diamonds to represent England Scotland Ireland. Queen Victoria wore it at her Coronation, and on the postage stamps, she appeared on.  Queen Elizabeth II wore it to her coronation and wears it to the state opening of Parliament or for official photographs/portraits.

Bank Notes withdrawn from circulation: Bank Of England

£10V Variant 2006
£5E Variant 2016
£20E Variant 2007
£50E Variant 2014
£10E Variant 2003
£20E Variant 2001
£5E Variant (Revised) 2003
£10E Variant 2003
£20E Variant 2001
£50D Variant 1996
£1D Variant 1988
Withdrawn Bank of England Bank Notes

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