Halloween party favours

112 Halloween Party Favours you can Buy on Amazon Prime right now

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Halloween Party Favours with these ideas from the Amazon Store

The giving of party favours, is a long standing tradition, to say thanks for those people who could make it, and to leave them with something to remember the event. If you have kids, party planning and packing out the party favours bag goes hand in hand. Creating party favours is all about bring your identity to the event, its not about expense, its all about the thought. Why not put together your own Halloween party favours with these simple yet catching Halloween party favours found on the Amazon store.

70 Party Favour ideas to fill that bag

BalloonsFidget spinnersPlay dohSkipping ropes
BookGlow sticksWater pistolsStencil
Book markerblow up balloonMini wind up toyStickers
Soft  ballHair clipsMugToothbrush
BraceletsHeadbandsketch bookTop Trumps game
BubblesJuggling ballsNotebookToy car
TringetKeyringPlant seedsWater bombs
Cardboard modelhatPopcornWhoopee cushion
Pens & PencilsLegoPaper hatSpinning top
e-bookMagic wandWhistle stress toy
Chocolate buttonsMagnetParty sweetsErasers
Chocolate coinsMarbles Pencil caseMaze game
reading booktable tennis batPencil sharpenerPack of cards
Colouring bookcrayonsPlay ringsRubber spider
Cupcake Mini footballParty MomentoRuler
Curly drinkling strawMini jigsawPot of slimeMagnifying glass
artists pencilRubber snake  
Make your Party Favour bag your own with these added goodies

16 Halloween Party Favours on Amazon Prime right now

London Picks on the Ebay Store....

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