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Never Miss when the UK changes the clocks with the Clock Change CountDown

Clock Change Countdown
Clock Change Countdown

Count Down to the UK Clock Change

UK Time is now in GMT, PLEASE SET your clocks to the time below

On Sunday 27th October at 2am the Clocks go back in the UK

Britons on the 27th October will get an extra hour of sleep as the UK sets its time in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The clock change is intended to make better use of available daylight as the UK sits in the Northern Hemisphere; unlike countries that are closer to the equator where there is little difference in summer and winter to the length of day light. 

The clock change came into effect in law when the government passed the Summer Time Act in 1916, during world war 1.

The easiest way to remember when the clocks change in the United Kingdom?

Clocks go back 1 hour on the last Sunday of October to make more light in the evenings and forward on the last Sunday of March to make more use of light in the mornings. 

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