( Retired ) 21/10/18 Vick Hope and Graziano Di Prima

Vick Hope, Radio DJ and Presenter partnered with Graziano Di Prima, Sicilian-born dancer

The Strictly Come Dancing daily diary

18th September 2018 interview Radio Times

It Takes Two Strictly Week 1 Tues 25th September 2018

Erin Boag Choreography corner


Jive “ beautiful” looking woman, very long legs. Discombobulated comment, confusion leans back. Great potential.

Strictly- “It Takes Two” week 1 Wednesday 26th September


Comments from Vick about her self in training.

The first time she has done ballroom dance in her life, history of clumsiness, heavy-footedness. She said she needs to be more “elegant like a bird, less of a giraffe. ”

Next dance week 2 will be the -Waltz

26th September Vick and Graziano appear on ITV This Morning, show

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018

Ian Waite, Waite’s Warm-up

Vick analysis in training.

Waltz inconsistent, parts stunning gorgeous, other parts collapse, she drops elbow and butt back rather than the rib to rib lean back flower in a vase posture.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

Vick and Graziano were on tonight’s show

Being one of the new professional dancers on the show they did an intro of the newcomers, Graziano is from Sicily specialises in Latin. INtents to bring some sass, energy and make no mistake he intends to win. “Raging Stallion”-Bruno

Going back to some of the judge’s comments on the night “Rhythm and timing not bad”- Bruno. “So much promise in you two, can’t wait to see…” – Darcy

Vick said it is amazing so much fun, and it was a fun dance. But how it is like dancing in a vacuum to then having to dance on the studio stage it then gives it a whole other context. The couple had received a lot of attention prior to the dances starting because of their looks, and Graziano being new to strictly. Trouble is they said having to then live up to the attention.

Their families came over to watch the live show and met afterwards not being able to speak in the same language. The discombobulated word came back up, that Shirley had said to them. Vick said she had to look it up too, and stated considering English is not Graziano’s first language, he even confessed on the night it was tricky to even repeat the word. The understanding is things need to look less confusing. Graziano said the waltz will slow things down this week. Vick  Loves the beautiful ballroom. Zoe thought she would fit into this. Because she is tall and long limbed.

Friday Panel Biggins, Gemma Atkinson, Alex Zane.

Biggins confessed he did not know who Vick was, and he was trying to work out, who was the celeb who was the dancer so a compliment really.

Week two Showtime 29th September 2018


Waltz -Music   ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story

Comments before the performance. Vick mentioned how last week she had all the confidence knocked out of her. She took Graziano her dance partner to meet her family, who are proud of her hard work.

Outfits and Hair

Vick wore a white long ballroom gown, fitted jewelled bodice, delicate straps. Graziano dark-suited, with a white shirt and light coloured tie. Vick had a low chignon style hairdo, with a diamante embellishment at the back.

Judges Scoring: Craig (C), Dame Darcey (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores: C-7     D-7    S-6   B-7              Total  27
Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                Total  45

Comments from the Judges

Craig (C) “Lost it a bit in the pivot,  you owned that dance”

Darcey (DD) ” You are made to do Ballroom, limbs all the goods, sophistication”.

Shirley (S) “Epitome of femininity, solo hold arms good, footwork not a favourite, an improvement on last week”

Bruno (B) “Captured the beauty of the music, classic touch, a classic song well done”

Just after the performance, even Vick seemed taken aback with her outfit and said she looked like something she would have imagined wearing as a little girl. It was her birthday recently and her wish was to be able to grow more with the dancing. The sense you have to pick yourself up.

Hangerlondon verdict:

Interesting couple to watch, also the real genuine sense this young lady did not have previous dance training and is really on this journey to dance discovery as anyone would be. She had so much more presence in that gown and dance routine.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Monday 1st October  2018

Vick and Graziano were on tonight’s show

“Stunning”, summarised how Vick was said to have looked on the night. Vick said it was a bit of a “turn up for the books” that she was actually more suited to Ballroom, she had assumed latin would be her thing. She was worried she was going to do worse because confidence was so low.  The couple made the biggest leap, most improved of the leaderboard from last week apparently, and went up 8 points.

Graziano said she danced like a princess especially for someone who never danced before. Then it was revealed that Graziano was not the social media channels before, so is finding that a positive supportive environment. Vick said how awful the waiting around is when they are calling out on the results show who is going through to next week and who is in the dance off. Sickening, faint, even the pro said he found that part awful. Her thing to work on for the week is her core, “sit-ups”.

Movie week next week. Finally, the couple were asked are they going to now struggle because of doing Salsa back to the Latin again. But they feel they will be able to take things learnt from week one, do the right thing, simple focus on the steps of Salsa

Next dance Movie week  Salsa –   “Take a Chance on Me” – ABBA  Film will be Mamma Mia

Hangerlondon Verdict:

Another cracking tune already. We can not think this lady needs to do any ab crunching she looks model fit already. We like this Graziano freshman to strictly. Not the showboat vain character you expect at all, much more laid back, affable comments. Matches Vick well because she is very showbiz looking too, but very down to earth in expression.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Strictly professional dancer in Choreography corner Natalie Lowe

Natalie is not ruling out the Latin, for the couple just yet, the jive maybe just was not her dance. She did beautiful ballroom. She loved the part where she was solo, but things “buckled” for Natalie when Vick is “In Line”. She got up demonstrated leaning too far back and saying not to extend from the hip. One needs to have an upright back bend knees sit into the hip then lean upper body gracefully back. Commended the fact she gets up at 4.30am, works a full on day, information overload.

Week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

Dance Movie week  Salsa –   “Take a Chance on Me” – ABBA  Film will be Mamma Mia

Pre-performance, Scarf has been causing so much trouble and the prop chair. They have not been able to get it all right as yet. Vick did not feel that confident about it she commented.

27 points

Outfits and Hair

Vick wore a two-piece short Ra Ra skirt, and off shoulder matching white with blue embroidery on, folk style top. Hair long curly with white folk flower embellishment in the hair. Graziano had a patterned pale blue holiday shirt on, chino style and colour trousers.

Judges Comments

Dame Darcey

“lovely, lovely action, fun attitude,  loved the relationship between the two sweet. ” Could see Vick was relaxing more getting into it towards the end where she is shadowing her partner. “Lift into the bluebird, and the dismount agrees with others very nice work”.


“Enjoyed the salsa so much when in “hold”, would have liked to have seen more of that”. “In and out of lifts, spectacular”. “Needs more fluidity in transitions loved African section”.

“Would have liked to have seen a little more energy”, Work on the spotting in the turns, it was suggested. Craig would have liked to have seen more salsa.


The head judge stated this is her “Absolute favourite week. ” ” A little bit of ABBA, always goes a long way.” Then onto positive comments “didn’t miss a trick, recovery from the tricks and hi-lights very good, keep working on rotation and body action.” “Absolutely did amazing, nailed the lift, what an improvement.”


Quoting a line from ABBA lyric ” How can I resist you”, “Feel good Salsa, inspired by the ultimate feel-good movie.” “It worked with the spirit of the film, managed the lifts beautifully”. “You got it absolutely right, you threw everything at it and it worked.”

HangerLondon Verdict

Agree with judges. Storytelling suited the dance and movie, Vick looked effortlessly natural in the costume and what looked like a natural leg look, with flat lace-ups, a good change from the full-on ballroom constrictive clothing. Look forward to next week.

It Takes Two week 3 Tuesday 9th October 2018

The couple was on tonights show.

Nerve-wracking to go first on the show, Vick said.  At least they didn’t have to worry and wait around rethinking the steps. Then Vick stated that not once in rehearsals had they managed to do all the routine right, either, it was one thing then another. Either with the scarf, the chair or being dropped, which she said was her fault, not her partners.

Since the DJ is not an actress, the topic of getting into the part acting sexy is not her forte she was saying. Graziano took her to a Greek restaurant in St Albans where she was smashing plates to get an attitude. She is working with her job 18 hrs a day. She is grateful that Graziano has been pushing her, it “paid off”, she said and she has “Come out of her shell a little bit”. Graziano is proud of her he was saying she does not know how good she is doing. Vick also said the “Emotional rollercoaster, mad but then doesn’t want to get off it”

Next dance  Quickstep Music “You can’t Hurry love” -Supremes

It Takes Two  October 10th  week 3 Wednesday 2018

Brief Comment from the couple in training. Vick said the Frame, steps timing, “Got to be switched on”

Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

Dance  Quickstep Music “You can’t Hurry love” -Supremes

29 points

OutFits and Hair

Full skirt light pastel pink. Front of the dress bodice in the shape of a fan pointing down many tiered layers all pink same colour of dress throughout. Graziano in a mauve pastel version of burgundy hard to describe the colour. Pink tie to match the dress, burgundy shirt.

Judges Comments



“Congratulations Graziano huge improvement simple routine very very good improvement very pleased with you today


“Sweet light, fluffy candy floss, addictive, how you have improved the way you express yourself, you never stumbled, intention so clear well portrayed”.

Dame Darcey

“lovely beautiful beautiful “Jeté”  enthusiasm, speed, control the bounce, you have been working on frame change posture good, very happy come back next week .”


“improvement absolutely vast, you really  have come to life, left elbow gets a little bit lazy tired, little bit Trotty,  loved the choreography, amalgamations, well done.”

HangerLondon Verdict

The costumes, the routine, the music, ballroom audio-visual candy. Vick is another contestant that works long hours and still puts in the dedication to come back and improve.



Dance  Quickstep Music “You can’t Hurry love” -Supremes


It Takes Two Wednesday 17th October 2018

Vick and Graziano were on tonight’s show.

Hangerlondon Summary.

They spoke about how Vick’s pink skirt from her dress got caught in her shoe which we could see on the night if you were quick. Her pro dancing partner was not even totally aware until after what she was dealing with.


Showtime 20th October 2018 Saturday


week 5 Dance Cha Cha Cha  Music  ‘More Than Friends’ by James Hype feat. Kelli-Leigh

20 points


Vick wore a short fringed dress two main colours coral at the top and a yellow at the bottom with what looked like green inside skirt area but could be the light. Graziano was wearing a fully opened shirt in matching coral shade, black trousers.


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