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(Retired ) 30/9/2018 Susannah Constantine & Anton Du Beke

It takes two Monday week one 24th September 2018

Erin Boag, Choreography Corner.

The professional dancer from previous seasons was on the show to give comments about this seasons contestants.


Some positives about Susannah’s Samba, it’s rare to have a Samba in week one. Apparently, she did do technical moves Whisk, Volta, Corta  Jaca, Promenade Runs. The live demo of the Volta was to suggest Constantine tries less Skippy versions.

Strictly- “It Takes Two” week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Ian Waite in
Waite’s Warm-up.


Next dance week 2 will be the Foxtrot
Practices are not promising yet, footwork, legs too far apart needs to tuck lower body under ribs forward get the shape of a flower in a vase other couples struggle with this

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018


“Walking on a tightrope of disaster, as opposed to a nice wide bridge”. – Susannah, on cam during training.

Susannah and Aton were  on tonight’s show

A replay of some of the Judges comments on dance night

“Car crash Miranda”   – Bruno  “Staggering about lost and drunk at a party darling ”  – Craig. “A little dancer in there that is trying to come out so keep pushing”- Shirley.

They were the first couple, as were Oti and Graeme to do the Samba in week one. It is not an easy dance. Susannah says she has blanked it all and is in denial doesn’t want to see it. She was chuffed to get 12. A big camp fun opening then pure samba content in the second half Aton says. A dance in two parts. First show day is tough on people. Susannah has never ever danced before. It is a long journey. Anton was asked if harsh comments from the judges, still “smart” after all these years. Anton feels at least Craig is concise you know where he is coming from, helpful rather than less specific ” well you know” type comments. Craig has chatted to Susannah since Saturday, based on her request that night on air where she asked for a one to one with Craig. Susannah said he was so interesting charming, gracious another side we do not get to see.  Final note, Susannah wakes up every morning filled with excitement.

When asked what it is like to start a new dance,  Wardrobe maestro said, “It’s like being an embryo again”.

Next dance week 2 will be Foxtrot “ Sinatra –You can’t take it away from me”

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

Friday panel, Biggins, Gemma Atkinson, Alex Zane.

Gemma said things can only get better when you are bottom of the board. We see the couple rehearsing someone made the crack that they were in Susannah’s living room. At the end of the show, the Panel had felt if they had to pick someone 2 out of 3 said Susannah may be the one in the elimination. Not that anyone wants to pick anyone to leave. lets hope she lives to show another outfit.

Susannah on camera in training said there is “No harmony at all, staccato”. She is going to pray that it works out like when you learn to ride a bike. She told Gethin at one point she wanted to slap Craig. She was asked if there is room in her skirt this week for Anton, she said more like room for souffle.


Week two Showtime 29th September 2018

 Foxtrot to  ‘They Can’t Take that Away From Me’ by Frank Sinatra

Comments before the performance.  Susannah said it was overwhelming, and it was the dress rehearsals that throw her. Tearful on-camera explanation how it’s hard when your child has left home for university.  She said her confidence is on the floor.

Outfits and Hair

The wardrobe Mistress did not disappoint, 1940s half updo. blue drop earrings in a like a blue crystal to match dress colour deep dark blue dress, with a sparkling matching stoned bodice but covered by a half bolero type jacket with long sleeves and large circular cuff arms with a dark fluffy light feather cuff to them.  Diamante hair embellishment running down the length of the hair parting. Anton the Dapper, wore a grey suit, Grey top hat, brocade grey waistcoat detailing, light white pale tie with darker grey perhaps dots.

Judges Scoring: Craig (C), Dame Darcey (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores: C- 1     D-   4      S-  4    B-  3        Total  12
Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                      Total  24 Bottom of the leaderboard

Comments from the Judges

Craig (C) ” Smoke couldn’t cover the complete dance disaster”

Darcey (DD)  Slapped Craig for his comment. ” Stunning look, conviction but eyes glazed over, let the king of the ballroom lead you, tell the story”

Shirley (S) “I thought you improved, better than last week” as Head judge mentioned that one of the things they like to see people be able to do from week to week is to be able to improve.

Bruno (B) “Could have got better movement out of a lamp post, just dragging her, bring back the maracas”. Then a confrontation to which Bruno said ok Ginger and Susannah answered back ok Fred.

As the couple awaited their results Anton said . “to come out and dance if you have never danced before. ”

Hangerlondon verdict:

This is a hard one, its common knowledge Anton gets the special cases, and is very established as a showman and dancer. Not convinced Susannah is enjoying herself, which is a shame, is it the comments, is it the challenge of remembering all the steps? Again like some of the others at least transparent about how she feels. However, we did not think much of the dance, the outfits and the demeanour the couple had is unique.

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