RULLACO Halloween Decorations Spider Cobweb Halloween Decorations – Indoor Outdoor Spooky Spider Webbing with 30 Fake Spiders, Spider Cobwebs for Scary Halloween Party Decorations

Material: Made of artificial soft cotton, hand-knotted and durable to attach on objects anywhere. Spider webs are one of the easiest ways to add Halloween spookiness to your house or party

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Product description


The spooky spider web is one of the easiest way to make people get in the Halloween spirit shortly!
? Looks real to make your skin crawl
? Turn your home into a house of horrors
? Give trick-or-treaters and party guests a fright!
? Perfect for handing out as a Halloween party favor

? Color: White
? Material: 60g of artificial cotton
? Coverage: 220 square feet
? Package Content: 1 x Spider Web, 30 x Fake Spiders

? The cobweb is flat shipped, please uncoil and stretch it out to get the creepy effect.
? Spider web with 30 fake spiders only, other accessories in the picture is not included!

Warnings: keep away from any fire hazards, naked flames etc.

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