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RULLACO Halloween Decorations Spider Web 60g Stretchable White Cobweb with 30pcs Fake Spiders for Haunted House Halloween Night Party Home Decor

Product Description

Product description


The spooky spider web is one of the easiest way to make people get in the Halloween spirit shortly!
? Looks real to make your skin crawl
? Turn your home into a house of horrors
? Give trick-or-treaters and party guests a fright!
? Perfect for handing out as a Halloween party favor

? Color: White
? Material: 60g of artificial cotton
? Coverage: 220 square feet
? Package Content: 1 x Spider Web, 30 x Fake Spiders

? The cobweb is flat shipped, please uncoil and stretch it out to get the creepy effect.
? Spider web with 30 fake spiders only, other accessories in the picture is not included!

Warnings: keep away from any fire hazards, naked flames etc.


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I think this is great!!! I am glad to know I can visit this website anytime for new suggestions and ideas.

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