Remanufactured 300XL 300 XL Ink Cartridges (2 Bl

IS THIS THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR YOU? Yellow Yeti 300XL CC641EE CC644EE Remanufactured Ink Cartridges are guaranteed to perform well with the following printer models: HP Deskjet D1600 D1660 D1663 D2500 D2530 D2560 D2563 D2566 D2600 D2660 D2663 D2666 D2668 D2680 D5560 F2400 F2410 F2418 F2420 F2423 F2430 F2440 F2476 F2480 F2483 F2488 F2492 F2493 F4200 F4210 F4230 F4225 F4240 F4250 F4275 F4280 F4283 F4290 F4293 F4400 F4435 F4440 F4450 F4470 F4480 F4580 F4583 Envy 100 110 120 Photosmart C4780 C4680


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