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Live 76 VINYL Sex Pistols

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Live 76 VINYL Sex Pistols
This album features live recordings of the Sex Pistols’ classic performances from 1976 including tracks like Anarchy in the UK and God Save the Queen. The album sold well and was highly sought after by fans and collectors.

This live collection celebrates the 40th Anniversary of punk with four iconic Sex Pistols gigs from the summer of ’76. The band’s influence on the musical world is undeniable and this collection provides an excellent opportunity to revisit their legendary performances. The concerts are released in full and correctly sequenced for the very first time and the package includes stunning related photographs and an original facsimile press kit with articles from Melody Maker Sounds Rock Star and Rock New.

The first concert on the package took place on June 4 1976 at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester which was recently voted one of the most important concerts of all time alongside Woodstock and Live Aid. Although thousands claim to have been at the gig only a handful of people were actually there. Morrissey who went on to form the Smiths was present as well as two lads who went on to form Joy Division.

The second concert on the package took place on August 29 1976 at the Screen on the Green in Islington. More widely known for its cinema screenings this famous gig called ‘Midnight Special’ was organized by Malcolm McLaren and saw support from The Clash and the Buzzcocks. Legend has it that magazine journalists and record company staff attempting to gain entry were reported to have been barred entry and told to ‘fuck off’.

The third concert on the package took place on September 17 1976 at HM Prison in Chelmsford. This live show took place at Chelmsford Maximum Security Prison and it was said that Malcolm McLaren wanted to play unusual non-rock n roll places.

The final concert on the package took place on September 25 1976 at the 76 Club in Burton on Trent. Originally made its way around fans as a bootleg this concert showcases the band’s raw energy and undeniable talent.

Overall this live collection is a must-have for Sex Pistols fans and anyone interested in the history of punk. It provides a rare glimpse into the band’s early days and their impact on the music world.


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