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Halloween: Resurrection [DVD]

(2 customer reviews)


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Just Checking, neat way you can scroll the pictures

Halloween: Resurrection [DVD]

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Michael Myers, masked serial killer, appears once again in the eigth offering of this horror/slasher series. In the previous film, ‘Halloween H2O’, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was seen to finally be rid of her brother/tormentor. This film begins by revealing that in fact it was the wrong person that she beheaded. Confined to a mental institution, she soon falls victim to Myers (Brad Loree). Meanwhile in Haddonfield, Illinois, a group of college students are to star in an online reality show where they spend the night in the killer’s childhood home. It isn’t long before Michael Myers is stalking them one by one.

2 reviews for Halloween: Resurrection [DVD]

  1. Matilda

    I really like the new design. It is a lot easier to use and visually attractive.

  2. Zachary

    I loved it. Very easy to use. Time effective.

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