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Halloween Party Game – HALLOWEEN BINGO – up to 20 players

Product Description

Product description

SENT via FIRST CLASS post – (payment required before 3pm for same day postage) HALLOWEEN Bingo! The ultimate fun for all ages halloween party game / gift. Play with friends, family, children, work colleagues or even at your school / office Halloween party. Just like the traditional game, except the numbers are replaced with Halloween related items, such as a ‘witch’, ‘haunted house’, there is even a bottle of ‘potion’. The host picks a caller image randomly, reads out the Halloween related item for the players to cross out if it appears on their bingo card. The host continues to read aloud caller images until a player has a full house and shouts ‘Halloween Bingo’! 2 certificates are also provided to present to the lucky winners. ITEM SENT VIA 1st CLASS POST on the same day as payment received (mon to fri before 3pm)


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2 years ago

I think this is great!!! I am glad to know I can visit this website anytime for new suggestions and ideas.

3 years ago

It was functional and easy to use. It has a nice lay out and is pleasant to look at.

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