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Cranked Up Really High VINYL The Dogs Limited Edition

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Cranked Up Really High VINYL The Dogs Limited Edition
This limited edition vinyl release by The Dogs features their classic album Cranked Up Really High which was a major influence on the punk movement. The album features hard-hitting tracks like Slash Your Face and Black Tea. The album sold moderately well and received critical acclaim.

The limited edition blue 180 gram vinyl release of Slaughter & the Dogs’ compilation album originally released on Record Store Day 2017 is a must-have for fans of the Manchester punk rock band. Limited to just 1000 copies each hand numbered with an insert the album includes outtakes demos live tracks and the band’s debut single. Slaughter & the Dogs emerged on the English punk rock scene in 1976 hailing from the gritty Manchester suburb of Wythenshawe once known as the skinhead capital of the North. Despite never fully being embraced by the punk fashionistas in London The Dogs embodied the true British sound influenced by Mick Ronson The Sweet New York Dolls and Lou Reed.

The album kicks off with You’re Ready Now a classic Slaughter & the Dogs track featuring soaring guitars and driving drums. The band’s energy continues with Boston Babies a song about a violent gang that terrorized Manchester. Hell in New York is a raw and raucous track while Runaway features a catchy chorus and a driving beat. Angels of the Night is a standout with its infectious guitar riff and memorable chorus. The album also features covers of classics such as Quick Joey Small and White Light White Heat as well as their own hits like Cocaine Smile.

The compilation showcases the band’s raw and energetic sound with tracks like I’m Mad and Victims of the Vampire demonstrating their punk rock roots. Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone is a highlight with its catchy chorus and driving beat. The album ends with Twist and Turn a classic Slaughter & the Dogs track that perfectly encapsulates the band’s sound.

Overall this compilation is a must-have for fans of Slaughter & the Dogs and punk rock enthusiasts alike. The limited edition blue vinyl hand numbered with insert makes it a unique addition to any record collection.


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