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Hidden London Discovering Forgotten Underground

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Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground by David Bownes Chris Nix and Siddy Holloway (SKU 0300245793)
If you’re fascinated by the history and secrets of the London Underground this book is a must-read. Hidden London provides a detailed look at the abandoned station’s tunnels and structures that lie beneath the bustling streets of the city. With stunning photographs and informative text, the book takes you on a journey through the hidden corners of the Tube network revealing its little-known stories and forgotten spaces. It’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in the history of London or the Tube.

The authors David Bownes Chris Nix and Siddy Holloway are all experts in the field and bring their extensive knowledge and research to the book. They provide insight into the design construction and use of these hidden spaces as well as the challenges of preserving and restoring them. The book is organized by area so you can easily plan a visit to see these hidden gems for yourself.

Overall Hidden London is an engrossing and informative book that will appeal to anyone with an interest in the history and architecture of London or the Tube. It’s a great addition to any bookshelf and you’ll find yourself returning to it again and again to uncover new secrets and stories.


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