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35 Pieces Acrylic Crystal Snowflakes

Product Description

3 Styles: snowflakes with 3 different shapes design and each shape is gorgeous and dreamy.
25 Pieces: 5 pieces big size, 10 middle size and 20 small size.
Snowflakes diameter: big sizes 7.5 cm/ 2.95 inch, middle sizes 5.5 cm/ 2.17 inch, small sizes 4.5 cm/ 1.77 inch

Material and feature:
These crystal snowflakes with diamond-like design are made of clear acrylic material. Under the illumination of festival lights, they will have different beauty– lighting blurred, creating a kind of dreamy atmosphere.
The clear snowflakes are made of quality acrylic that not easy to break, you can use for many times.

Wide applications:
The snowflake party decorations are vivid addition to your holiday decorations every year. Suitable for winter theme parties, Christmas, New year’s Eve party, wedding, birthday or other important days. Available for any corner you want to create fantastic and warm atmosphere.

Gift choice:
You can send these Christmas snowflakes to your friends and share the happiness of Christmas with them. Also can use these cute snowflake to decorate your greeting card, DIY Christmas ornaments and so on.

Package includes:
35 x Clear acrylic snowflakes
1 x Transparent fishing line
Some snowflake positioning buckles

Note: more details are shown in the picture.


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