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(Retired) 28/10/18 Seann Walsh and Katya Jones

19th September Radio Time Interview Seann and Katya Jones

It takes two Monday week one 24th September 2018

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones were on tonight’s show

Recap that head judge did not find it a normal Tango. Walsh got up and did his Walsh snap dance move. He stated he could see where the head judge was coming from with the comments about his hair because he said he did not look a convincing bodyguard. But then stated he had not seen that film. To get in character for the Tango,  he claimed he was channelling the Wolverine character. Especially, Katya commented so as to execute the jump he had to do and deliver this bold fierce stance with the arms.

Then onto the illegal lift, they put in week one that Katya described as a “Chuck and Dive”. It is where Katya gets thrown onto the floor in a spin as Seann lets go and turns away. Seann said he kept wondering if dance partner survived. Perhaps next week’s song fits perfectly Elton John’s “I’m still standing”, to the JIVE. A reminder from Zoe Ball that one of the previous champs had danced the jive to that track.

It Takes Two Strictly Week 1 Tues 25th September 2018

Erin Boag Choreography corner


Tango Seann, contemporary, “strong sharp, attack”, ” Not a lot of Tango”.  Nothing wrong with his dancing, should to more of it was the message.  Hair comment is probably more to do with not being able to see the necklines clearly if obstructed by hair.

Strictly- “It Takes Two” week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Ian Waite in
Waite’s Warm-up.

Working on the Jive for week 2
In Training Katya said it’s a lot of bounce. Looks quick feels even quicker, says Seann, hard to keep up. Katya said its hard to put all the bits together.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018

Waite’s Warm-up comments

Loads of energy but a bit flat-footed, It is reminded that Seann is naturally flat-footed, but Ian says it might also to do with where Seann’s body weight is. Tip to work on his flexibility, since the shot of them in practice was frozen still and he only just managed to kick his foot over dance partner who is bending back a lot to get out the way!

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

Zoe announces will Seann be able to “kick and flick his way up the leaderboard”

Friday  Panel, Biggins, Gemma Atkinson, Alex Zane, Biggins says if Seann used Brylcreem that judge will be pleased, then he was reminded that judge is in the studio. Gemma said the Jive wrecks your shins!

Seann told Gethin that his hair will start tidy on Saturday and then something will happen but it is a secret. He said its hard, and stressful on the studio stage,  as there are cameramen etc there to navigate and get used to.

Week two Showtime 29th September 2018

 Jive Music  ‘I’m Still Standing’ by Elton John

We saw the couple in training with a surprise visitor Jill halfpenny a previous strictly champion at this number who scored 40 points!

Outfits and Hair

As always, but this colour combination on Katya just looked so stunning. Hair was styled in a wavy slicked updo, with a black satin looking bow. Short dress with deep electric metallic purple being the theme colour both wore. Katya’s dress had an exquisite delicate multitude of black straps at the back of the dress.  Seann had a shirt in the same colour as the dress and this had a row of sparkly embellishment in a matching colour. The black trousers were shimmery

Judges Scoring: Craig (C), Dame Darcy (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores: C-  2      D-4    S-4     B-5          Total   15
Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                  Total   33

Comments from the Judges

Craig (C) “It all went horribly wrong, didn’t come together at all”

Darcy (DD) “Oh my gosh so off time”

Shirley (S) ” I like your hair”, Seann came to hug head judge and found that so funny and happy with that comment alone.

Bruno (B) “I don’t know what to say definitely not Jill Halfpenny, all the right steps at just about all the wrong time” At first Bruno looked speechless hard to tell what he was thinking.

Hangerlondon verdict:

Seann seems the show’s underdog. He had tied his hair back for the routine, then towards the end, undid his ponytail and let the hair loose again. He was doing a solo with the mike stand and some kind of jive moonwalk. Prior to that Katya did a handstand with her back to Seann and hooking onto Sean’s neck with her knees, then using her hands to mirror seans leg action. Impressive bit of gymnastic jive choreography.

The couple kept going, giving the false sense of security all was well.   Was interesting to see the speechless expressions of the judges after. We didn’t think it was as bad as what the professional judges were all saying, wondering if it was a joke? The Comedian made an announcement about his comic mate in the audience, here to plug his book. He took the comments of the judges on the chin.  The whole lot even the judging entertainment factor and the false sense of was it really that bad at the end good drama factor.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Natalie Lowe  strictly professional dancer in Choreography corner

Lowe was asked what went wrong was the music too fast? “Seann too fast for Seann”, Natalie said, also issues with going in and out of time, too flat-footed.  Demonstration foot action needs to bounce and be light, she said. Demonstrated for people to get up and put all the weight on the balls of the feet, heels do not touch the ground, bounce and stepped skipped a bit from side to side to show how that momentum keeps up in the jive.


October 3rd 2018

Next dance Paso Doble Film inspired The Matrix Music Theme tune to the Matrix.

It Takes Two week 2 Thursday 4th October 2018

Seann  and Katya were on tonight’s show

Laughing Katya chants punching the air,  she is still standing. It is only recently that Seann has now seen the performance. The comedian was asked if he could see what was wrong with it, and he said: “It’s out of time”. Then he was asked if he knew at the time? “Immediately” was the response. Walsh likened it to an overstuffed fridge being opened and everything falling out and you have to try and catch and put things back.

Pro Katya,  stated that they had got some stuff right.  Sean said a member of the public commended him on how funny it was as if this was on purpose.  We at Hangerlondon get how easy that was to think because all these steps were being done, and he is looking fine on stage as if nothing is wrong. He carried on, giving the illusion surely it must be all fine. Little did you know it was not a carryon, distraction.

Katya said it is the most hours she has ever put in with a partner for the show. Also, how he as only recently discovered he is not breathing properly and Katya then said or walking properly, “How has he survived”. He said they have a laugh. It is easier to get into a character, like the Matrix, he is good at impersonating the lead from the Matrix. Katya just wishes the competition was just judged on his talking.  Sean will be wearing a harness for the routine, should be interesting, considering he did not look like he could even put it on. He loves the song this will help. When asked what will they focus on, Katya says with an isn’t it obvious type tone “Keeping in time”.


Week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

Dance Paso Doble    Film inspired The Matrix Music Theme tune to the Matrix.

Scores tonight 30 points  ( see our leaderboard to get the breakdown of scores. )

Outfits and Hair

The couple were dressed all in black.

Seann: Slicked back hair in a ponytail, looked darker than usual. patent leather looking trousers, with a harness around the hip leg area. A skirted black cape at the waist open that emulated the long coat worn in the film. Black shirt with patent black strip across the front, that emulated the neckline of the Nehru / mandarin collar style used in the Matrix film.

Katya: Long line boots and slim black fitted type catsuit. Matching the style of Seann, Katya also had a split skirted cape at the waist. Mesh fabric like a fine net for parts of the upper body. Hair slicked down the head parted one side, ponytail at the back. Deep futuristic smoky eye with pointed features.

Judges Comments


“Profound, Power, Masculine, Hot”

Dame Darcey

“Plenty of drama, purpose, convincing, creative, a unique Paso, I couldn’t take my eyes off you, ”  “A bit wooden in the legs” “I Liked it”


Sean started by saying to Bruno how he could have his trousers back now.  Bruno then responded, how he thought he was going to break them. “So clever, very original, how they managed the slow motion, so clear, never lost power.”


“Absolutely Slick”, ” Sheer brilliant Choreography”,  ” Let’s get real, who would have thought a comedian would come out  here stay focused, dark horse, this week you nailed it Congratulations”

HangerLondon Verdict

When the judges say things you are thinking its got to be a good sign.

“I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin” – Neo in The Matrix. “You have to see it for yourself- Morpheus in The Matrix

The slow motion parts the couple executed just like how the film worked in slow-mo were just surreal. Also, the stunt of being able to pull Katya up from the edge of her body from a horizontal to vertical position, as if she was being drawn up by an invisible force was very Sci-fi. The stunning choreography from Katya. The Harness somersault, that Seann pulled off at the end impressive.  Conviction, masculine presence pulled you into their parallel world of Latin, focused dark comedian, sublime.

It Takes Two week 3  10th Wednesday, October 2018

Seann and Katya were on tonight’s show.

HangerLondon’s commentary:

No mention was made about Seann and Katya’s next dance, training or about their movie week performance. Instead, their slot was all about them being asked to make statements about their social life. We are not repeating this because this is a thread about the competition. It is not clear whose decision it was to omit competition information. Either the programs or the contestants.  But our decision sticks to the point if it’s not about the dance competition it is not reported.

10th October Lorraine Show ITV with Guest Arlene Phillips, opinion about if the couple should stay on Strictly


Shirley Ballas Head judge gives her comments on This Morning published 10th October 2018

Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

28  points

Charleston – “Bills” by Lunchmoney Lewis

OutFits and Hair

Both had red and white stripe T-shirt tops wider stripes on Katya, smaller stripes on Seann. Very short tassel skirt on Katya. Red trousers for Seann.

Judges Comments


“That routine was outstanding, high energy, you get an extra point for saving that lift, that was amazing, deserves an extra point, whole routine, totally entertaining, I loved it throughout, you did excellently well done”.



“Pizza extra large, extra toppings, ” “you threw everything at it”, ” so manic but in a good way, you went for it very well.”

Dame Darcey

“Full routine, delivered great energy, attack, strong vibrant character, tricky lifts impressive. ” “How you saved  the last one incredible, has to be clarity and precision with the steps


The choreographer who coached the couple Craig said, ” has been throwing absolutely been everything at you “,  ” what I love about you Katya is that you will say let’s do it and let’s do more and you did it really really well. ”


HangerLondon Verdict

Lifts/tricks were an impressive lot of busy things to look at and going on at once. The contestant couple had help this week from a professional choreographer, as shown and discussed on strictly broadcasts.  It is not known why or if others got external help?  The Non-dancer comedian looks fearless about going out on stage and keeps going that is also a good point. The mixed reactions from the public to the non-competition story, have perhaps compromised the vote though and the integrity of any party benefiting by keeping this story going. Just does not seem about dancing anymore.


 Wednesday It Takes Two 17th October

Seann and Katya were on tonight’s show

In Summary

Seann had suffered bruises and marks on his back from the fact he had been turned into a human staircase during his last performance as Katya walked along his leg and back, to be able to balance at the top on their creative lift. Also, he had a knee injury.  Zoe stated that the help they received from the professional Choreographer Jenny Thomas, was not just for them alone. Other couples when doing the Charleston can also have this help. This was not reported earlier on in the week.


Showtime 20th October Saturday 2018


 week 5 Dance   Quickstep Music  ‘Lightning Bolt’ by Jake Bugg

24 points


the beginning was ok, but scatter and scooped chassis looked anxious made Katya go faster, moments of a nice frame it is improving  not your best dance for me today a good effort, frame is getting better, keep working on your footwork, a little misstep, you felt it didn’t you Seann tell Shirley you felt it.


The quickstep for me was absolutely my worst dance, I don’t get very well either, –  you were out there the beginning was fantastic, you gave it your all, lost the energy about midway through some things happened


the footwork very messy, taking too bigger steps made it look like a hoedown, lively vibrant performance

Dame Darcey

” light, fast, overexcited it did start so well, generate so much excitement, bouncy, a shame, I see you have all the potential, is there, keep channelling,  listen to Katya she has all the tips all the skills to show you exactly keep focusing you will get it. ”

HangerLondon Verdict

Seann Looked like he was keeping up with the pace of running around, at the speed of the quickstep. Their routines are creative so they have entertained.  It has been hard to predict the outcome because of the poker face performance that keeps  on going. Should do well in the freestyle perhaps.

Show Time Week 6 Halloween Week 27th October 2018 Saturday

Week 6 Halloween Next Dance Viennese Waltz to ‘I Put A Spell On You’ by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Points 20



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