1st June 1946 TV licencing was first introduced

TV license was first introduced for the Monochrome (Black and White ) service which had one channel. IT cost then £2 which by 2018 prices were equivalent to just under £81.50.

Colour TV took off from 1967, the tv license back then was £5. By 1968 the Tv licensing had a tariff of an extra £5 to those receiving a colour broadcast raising it to £10 in total.

A TV license in 2019 costs £154.50 per year,  for colour and £52 for black-and-white tv sets.

Here is part of the original BBC 1946 broadcast that was made in the Spring of that year to be broadcast when it reopened after the war Summer 1946. Jasmine Bligh was the voice who was picked out of thousands to be the compare.



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