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Strictly Overflow Updates and group dances

Group Dance Strictly Come Dancing Show season 2018 begins


‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello Group Professional Dancers Published 8th September 2018

Lorraine ITV this morning 1/10/2018

A Strictly Come Dancing visitor from the past Brendan Cole came onto the show this morning.

He was told, “It’s not the same without you young man”.  Then Brendan thanked her but said it will now not be the same without Anton now since he was in the Dance off Sunday and voted out.

Anton and Susannah being voted off so early

Brendan was surprised normally the underdog gets to stay in a few weeks, public boost this. He has a column that he writes for Hello Magazine and stated last week that he thought the first routine you should be serious and then do the fun ones later. Anton and Susannah had started with the maracas number and in hindsight might not have been wise.

Standing up for partners

Surprising also, that Anton did not have a go at Bruno because he would have been furious if someone had made comments about his dance partner. They discussed that he was known for sticking up for his partner during judges comments.  Lorraine said he was like the shop steward of the show keeping order.

His strict chums and friends

He still loves all his strictly friends. Lorraine had a recorded message from an earlier interview with Len Goodman when Lorraine was interviewing him. He said that he had liked the fact that he had clashed with Brendan. Also, that “judges can come over as being bullies, and it is nice when one of the Pro’s comes out and says, “hold on”. He knows they had a few fall outs but they are still good chums.”

Cole said he missed his friends and initially felt odd that he was not there when this season started rehearsing. But he has had so many other opportunities having an amazing time in the last year that he otherwise would not have had the chance to do.

Would Brendan go back on the show?

Lorraine asked would he go back to the show if they asked him, or is it part of his past. Cole said it is part of his past he has moved on another chapter in his life. He would consider going back as another role. Lorraine commented he would be good as a judge, he knows it “inside out” and been there. Brendan said he would love to be a judge.  He has been in Italy filming for a show that will come out in the spring of next year. He said that his touring show is in the 4th year of production comes out oct-nov. NExt time he will add more male dancers, since its predominantly women who come to watch the show so it will be more of a treat for the ladies.

The Selfie skinny dipping

Viewers then get a big photo on screen of Brendan skinny dipping that Lorraine said is a bit of a naughty cheeky pic. Lastly, Brendan was asked to predict who might win this seasons strictly. He said it is hard because as people progress from week to week it is good to see the transformation and it could be anyone. But he said Pasha inspired, his non-pro partner Ashley is a good and how he is lucky to have such a partner.

Hanger London Verdict: We miss Brendan too.

Results Show 30th September Sunday Group dance same-gender partners

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Monday 1st October  2018

To squash the rumours Anton Du Beck was on this evenings show as it is customary for the show to chat with the departing couple. Anton states he has no plans to leave the show. He would like to win it one year!

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Monday 1st October  2018

Natalie Lowe – Hosts Choreography Corner.

Comments about the standards of this season. “Survival of the fittest” “Professionals are throwing everything into the content”. Dip in the scores is normal for the weeks 2 and 3 because there is less time to rehearse between the shows and contestants have to get used to it all. Natalie Said.

Strictly It Takes Two  week 2  Friday 5th  October

The Group Dance for Movie Weekend

Will feature the song “Singing in the Rain” Umbrellas will be used and some surprise is planned for the routine, something they have not done before on Strictly.  Director of Choreography  Nathan J Clarke was shown putting the pros through their paces of this number. It will include some classic moves and modern up to date dances. Mixing ballroom, hip hop, contemporary.

Strictly It Takes Two  week 2  Friday 5th  October

Craig Revel Horwood was on tonight’s show

IT was announced this was the 10th time that Craig has awarded 1 point to a contestant on the show. A cake with a 1 candle was presented. “Who wouldn’t want one,” Craig said.

Judge Craig was directly asked if the contestants were improving enough? “No, not improving enough week to week”. But he did state they are a fantastic group this year, full of surprises. They have had 8 Cha Cha Cha dances so far. He felt Ashley deserved the high score. But Craig also stated it is too early in the competition to be too harsh? Still too much wrong with the routine for him to have awarded a 9. Then he went onto say when he is not in his judge’s cap he is “Really rather Scrumptious”. He had fans in the studio to back this up. When he has to judge he said he has around 10 seconds to speak and wants to give good advice, succinct so that people can move forward.

They spoke about the Viennese Waltz that was different to the norm, that Faye and Giovani did. Craig said it is different to dress up the 3 step dance, but it was almost tangofied, the music, storytelling, lighting was good, and would appeal to younger audience. Since the traditional dance is from the 1700s crinoline era.

Talk moved into the Graeme and Oti routine that the judges did not like the “Confusion Fusion”. The risks of changing a routine, it did not work, “Too much of him, too little in hold”. Craig said for an idea like that you have to go all the way either break all the rules or do not attempt it.

Excited about Movie week since Craig has now been in a Movie too so has been on the other end of the camera, it comes out in November. No clues were given.

week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

The Group dance was a Harry Potter inspired number. AJ playing Potter and flying harnesses. Ladies were wearing black long full skirts with coloured under skirts that matched the themes of their school ties, classic white shirts.

Results show for movie week 7th October 2018

Lee and Charles were in the Dance off. Sad to say.  Lee was retired from the competition.

The Group professional dance Singing in the Rain 7th October 2018

This routine was spoken about earlier in the week to the song Singing in the rain. Got people commenting online. The Surprise was that halfway through the number the professionals were dancing in like a shallow paddling pool of water whilst water was raining down. The start of the performance, showed the dancers sitting in cinema seats and suddenly they were sucked into a “Singing in the Rain”,  routine. That started slow and then speeded up into more contemporary and modern moves. Giovani seemed to be the lead male and was at the end thrown back into his cinema seat soaking wet from the rain, whilst his mates were dry.

Saturday 13th October 2018 9.50pm Jonathan Ross Show ITV

Will have the Strictly judges on as his guests. Strictly Come Dancing judges, Shirley Ballas, Dame Darcey Bussel, Craig Revel Horwood.


The Group dance this weekend :

Will feature girl power, theme.

Saturday 13th October ITV Jonathan Ross show  Shirley Ballas dances with Footballer Peter Crouch


Saturday 13th October ITV Jonathan Ross show 3 strictly judges “Make them do the dance of Shame”



From next week on the show Couples Choice will be introduced

Couples can choose one of three styles of dance where they will not be restricted by Frame, hold or the number of lifts.


3 categories but each category has many subdivisions here are some examples

  1. Contemporary: ballet, modern
  2. Street and Commercial: Urban, funk, hip hop,
  3. Theatre and Jazz: Theatrical Modern, jazz, soft shoe, burlesque

Published 15th October Group dance to “Hotter than Hell” Dua Lipa

It Takes Two Tuesday 17th October 2018

On tonight’s show were

Lisa Armstrong Strictly  Hair and Makeup Artist / Designer with Lisa Davey Hair supervisor on strictly.

To demonstrate an eye make up for a glam punk look and a crimped hairstyle with a bit of a twisted side updo.

The eyeshadow used a pumpkin shade and similar shades all getting slightly darker. There was a light champagne colour applied in the corner eye and the layers of the colour progressively were built up darker towards the outside. Black eyeliner and mascara. High lighting powder was used in the cupids bow above the point of the lip area. Eyeshadow was applied before the base to the skin so that the powder falling on the skin can be cleaned away without smudging anything. Some of the eyeshadow colour was applied in a thin line under the eye and a line of glitter gel eyeliner on top under the lower lash.


The hair was crimped in small sections. Static was tackled by spraying a brush with hairspray and brushing through. A small section was taken on the side as a ponytail and twisted towards the back. It was secured with a small band and some of the crown section of hair that was not included was swapped back over the band, to make it look like the side was shaved or pinned back invisibly.

17th October ITV Loose Women Craig Revel Horwood will be a guest.

19th October BBC IT Takes Two

Group dance at the weekend

will be themed around the game of baseball.

Tonight’s guests on the Friday Panel

Singer Gabrielle is part of the Friday night Panel. Susan Calman also on tonight’s panel previous dancing partner to Kevin Clifton. Tom reed Wilson singer actor lyricist.

Published 22nd October 2018 Group Dance Baseball theme

Halloween Show Trailer 2018

Halloween Pro group dance

Professional Dancers group tribute dance to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin posted 5th Nov 2018

2017 Remembrance Sunday pro dancer group dance tribute.

11th November results show group dance tribute, they said 100 years RAF 2018 was this but 11/11/18 was also celebrating 100 yrs since the end of WW1


Week 9 Show time Professional Group Dance with Gloria Estefan 17th November Saturday  2018


18th November 2018 Results Show Pro Dancers dance to an Italian 1950s scene.


It Takes Two Thursday 22nd November 2018

Preview Chat of Professional Group Dance Sunday Results Show 25th November 2018 Scroll down to see the youtube link put up after the show on the 26th of November.

A collaboration between strictly and Dance company Candoco, mixing diversity of dancers and dance styles with input from Choreography male and female artistry of Jason Gilkison and Arlene Phillips.

The Group professional dance this weekend on Sunday will feature a special collaboration between Strictly pro dances, Strictly choreographers, Arlene Philips and Candoco a dance company with a difference. Candoco was set up in 1991 and is a group of disabled and non-disabled dancers. They have worked with Arlene before, who they raved about when talking to Zoe this evening. Laura Pata from Candoco and Joel Brown Joined Zoe on it takes two along with Jason Gilkison the choreographer behind strictly group numbers. Jason has choreographed and directed in stage shows and worked on the American shows “Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance”.  Gilkisons grandparents were also pioneering for their time in history for setting up the first of its kind Ballroom dance studio in Australia.


Laura from Candoco said that Arlene knows what to expect from an audience, and Joel also agreed she was so fantastic to work with. Her positive energy and clarity, Mr Brown has also stated on social media and her ability to see the bigger picture Jason said that they would be combining ballroom, contemporary, latin. The idea about inclusivity and the group reflected how strictly has Lauren this year and Jonnie Wilkinson last year who represented disabled competitors pushing the boundaries.

Candoco also performs dances that portray disability and art working together. The challenge more about broadening peoples perceptions. Their focus is also about being able to see the dancers through the choreography this collaboration. At HangerLondon we positively support diversity and feel this falls into the concept of adaptations. So rather than the person with a diversity struggling to adapt to perform a rigid dance and no deviations. This is more like adapting the dance to fit the performer. Any union of people looking to mix diversity, disability, non-disability is sending out a powerful message. Candoco stated they have about 7 or so dancers and on Strictly there were be some 23 dancers all at the same time.


showtime Saturday 24th November 2018  Week 10

This week saw the couples dance their regular dance slot plus take part in the group Lindy Hop that was being graded in a ranking system. The electronic marking board had a malfunction so Head judge had to read from paper then there was a lack of clarity whilst Claudia read out to recheck as something had been misheard but the judges had not got anything different to what they first said. The only problem seemed to be around saying who was in first place and who was in 7th place, with who received the 7 points top marks to the person getting first place. The 2nd place winner would get 6 points and so on to the bottom of the list who would receive one point. All these Lindy Hop points were then added to the scores they each got for the night to boost the scores.

Lindy Hop Points and places from what we could understand whilst malfunctions were going on communicating this  live.

7 points first place ” Ashley

6 points 2nd Place ”  Faye

5 points 3rd Place ” Joe

4 points 4th Place ” Stacey

3 points 5th Place ” Charles

2 points 6th Place ” Graeme

1 point 7th Place ” Lauren

25th November Sunday 2018 The Results Show

Graeme was voted out after the dance-off against Ashley.

Headlines, social media have been paying scrutiny to the malfunction over the Lindyhop results on Saturday night. Picking up on the fact that instead of the results being read out in reverse order, the lowest person first who would have been in 7th Place gaining 1 point. The winner was announced first ” Getting 7 points will be Ashley.” Perhaps some heard this as 7th place hard to say. Social media scrutiny suggests the reaction of Ashleys face looked horrified confused. Some viewers seem to think this was because she must have already known she was going to win and claim it is fixed.

There was too much lack of clarity about what was going on, even as viewers trying to watch several people on the floor at once very busy.  If dancers had been briefed about the reverse order call out and then heard just their name first, they would know they were not the worst of all the couples having got consistent high scores each week.

Sunday’s Dance off and its aftermath comments

This was a disbelief to many, Ashley being in the bottom two. Was this public reaction to the too staccato dance Ashley did, or to the annoyance about the LindyHop results malfunction, or because of recent weeks public being critical about Ashley’s previous experience.

This issue has escalated.  Graeme’s comment during his exit speech has now been scrutinised too  “Secretly I’ve had 25 years of ballroom experience but I kept that to myself! No, I was a novice coming into this.” Headlines are implying he was referring to his opponent.

But then again Graeme did also say this in his exit speech,  “I’d have voted for Ashley and Pasha as well. I can’t quite believe I was put against them, to be honest.”


All the other seasons of Strictly did not seem to have this noticeable fact that there were one or two contestants with a lot of previous dance experience. Be it careerwise or qualification wise or in the amount of years training. It is somewhat unequal to have a dance-off or even a competition between a novice and someone with a lot of years of experience. Judges have been hired to mark the dancing, not be in control of who should appear on the show that is the dilemma. If someone can do a strictly ballroom foxtrot, they can not downgrade that to a juvenile hopscotch.

Should be interesting what Graeme has to say on the Farewell exit interview on IT Takes Two Monday 26th Nov.

Showtime 24th November Saturday 2018 Lindy Hop-a -thon competition




Results Show Sunday  25th November  2018  Professional Group dance with Candoco Dance Company see entry above 22nd November about this partnership.

Week 11 Showtime Musicals Week Saturday 1st December 2018

The Pros and the Judges perform a Mamma Mia Megamix for all the ABBA fans a must.


Results Show Sunday 9th December Pros group dance  to “In My Blood”



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