The tragic death of Marc Bolan

In 1977 Marc Bolan, singer from Glam rock group T.Rex, died in a car crash in London. The Singer, song-writer poet, a guitarist was only 29.

Marc Bolan was born on 30th September 1947, Hackney London. Died -16/9/77 Barnes, Richmond upon Thames. Hits Include “Ride a White Swan” – 1970, “Children of the Revolution” – 1972 “Metal Guru” -1972 “Telegram Sam”-1972 “20th Century Boy” 1973

The Scene of the Accident

The accident happened on the quiet street of Gipsy lane, South West London. The road is best described as a country lane without street lighting or pavement. Without digging too deep into the details, Bolan’s mini hit a tree, on a dark blind spot section of the road.  Bolan was not driving, it was being driven by his American Girlfriend, singer Gloria Jones, she was fortunate enough to survive the crash. Their small son Rolan Bolan was not in the car.  They were returning to Bolan’s home in Richmond after a night out in central London Mayfair.

Eerily Bolan did have some premonitions on how he would die, in a car crash

Marc Bolan Shrine

There is a Marc Bolan Shrine, on the B306 not far from Barnes Rail station 10 gipsy lane London SW15 5RG.

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