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( Retired) 9/12/18 Lauren Steadman and AJ Pritchard

Interview Radio Times 20th September Lauren Steadman AJ Pritchard.

First Performance

It Takes Two Strictly Week 1 Tues 25th September 2018

Erin Boag Choreography corner


Waltz talking about the comment made on the night about holding her upper back up in the frame.  What this actually means to “Hold lats back”. Commended on the fact due to competing in an athletic event, she only had a few days of practice.  “Beautiful lines”. Good rise and fall good work. Holding the back up not to sway back which pushes the body forward more like rising up

Strictly- “It Takes Two” week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Ian Waite in
Waite’s War- up.

Ian was amazed at all of the contestants who came out did a fantastic job,  on week one, because a lot of difficult steps were included, but then the idea that sometimes less is more.


Next dance week 2 will be the Charleston

Coordination is not Laurens forte she said. Aj said the fundamental step is the swivel, but Lauren can do this. Energetic and quick dance. But Lauren will be rehearsing it over and over till she can do it in her sleep.

September 27th Lauren on the Lorraine Show ITV

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018

Vicky Gill Strictly’s Costume Designer

An exclusive look at week 2 garments. Wardrobe

Lauren week 2 Garment

Drawn diagram of a short dress for her Charleston.

In the colour of peppermint green, short dress, art deco embellishment and peppermint embellishment beads, the sound of them will rattle.

Waite’s Warm Up

Lauren analysis

Not much Charleston content in the clip Ian informs us, but some great swivels. Suggestion, she needs to get used to her dance shoes, as she was not wearing them.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

Lauren and AJ were on tonight’s show

Comments from the night are played, as per usual format “Work on footwork” – Shirley “Floaty, fluid romantic”- Bruno. Aj commented that Lauren “does not even know how good she is.” They only had 2 days to rehearse and train for the dance, because she was competing in a sports event. “Unbelievable” Aj said,  to be able to do that in two days. She performs well under pressure. Lauren said she does have nerves too, but by Friday she was in a state of relief thinking “actually I’ve got this”. Zoe suggested to AJ that perhaps he might have to up his game as he is with a competing athlete. But Aj stated he is very competitive and thinks they are both the most competitive couple to date.  Then some acknowledgement about the social media world that has taken off for the couple, and a message was read out from one such member of the public who has a personal connection with the arm disability too and sent a touching message of support.

The Charleston has some “Death Defying” lifts according to Aj who said they new to the show, then how he has not done them before, not sure if he meant on the show or in general? Did give the impression it was new to him too! Sounded complicated, plus the fact she has to do these things with one arm.  Aj described it as a “Falling rollercoaster”.  Zoe brings up the fact AJ almost dropped Lauren in the Launch show. He dismisses this as being spontaneous and didn’t expect her to commit to it.

When we get to see footage of when the strictly opening title themes were shot, Lauren is seen having to mobile phone film AJ for his social media account!

The Friday Panel, Biggins, Gemma Atkinson, Alex Zane,

summarise that they are a great couple Aj Strong in his dance skills, with a Gold medalist and the fact that she did so well with only 2 days of practice and the fact she trusts him.

Other Trivia about Lauren Steadman

Born 1992:

1m 67 tall.

Is a British Paralympic Athlete, Swimming and Paratriathlon events. Her website states 20 Gold and 6 Silver medals. She competes for Great Britain. Entering European and World events.

She has a Masters degree in Business Management.

She was born with an incomplete arm and has been proving that not only does she push the results but also the conceptions about disability and sport.

Week two Showtime 29th September 2018

Charleston – Music  “New Rules”  by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox (original by Dua Lipa)

Comments before the performance. Lauren said there is a challenge with balance, about the lifts, excited and anxious, “So much could go wrong”. She is getting used to being serene, normally she has to be aggressive and athletic.

Outfits and Hair

We did get a preview on ” It Takes Two” of the drawn design of this outfit. We now get the peppermint description,  the colour of peppermint creams, a pastel green. Satin almost french knickers looking short of an outfit. Delicate sparkly work around the upper bust bodice of the outfit. Aj Wore check golf style trousers and a green complimenting shade open shirt over the top. Lauren was in a short dark haired bob to fit the Charleston era.

Judges Scoring: Craig (C), Dame Darcey (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores: C-5     D- 6     S-5       B-6       Total  22
Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                Total  47

Comments from the Judges

Craig (C) “Lacked attack, too much soft attack” The sense that the Charleston steps look deceiving and how you have to double the energy. Lifts were Good, Craig said.

Darcey (DD) “Stylish” Comments contrary to her lacking in a core, she believes she has a strong core to be able to come back up from the floor.

Shirley (S) ” For Week 2 ambitious routine, some parts sensational, generally ok” Suggestions about keeping a stronger core

Bruno (B) ” Praise, even to attempt to go up and then go down, hard attack all the way through you recovered well”.

During the Chat to Claudia and the viewers, whilst waiting for their scores. AJ states, how Lauren must trust him to have been able to do that, and how she was over 6ft in the air and being able to come to the floor from there. Claudia said it was so ambitious.

Hangerlondon verdict:

We get what Craig meant about it not seeming fast as other Charlestons, and how you have to do more to look busier, but in some ways, we got to see more of what they were wearing and what was going on, a bit like slow-mo action. Impressive lifts.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Natalie Lowe, strictly professional dancer Choreography Corner

For Natalie, she said the there was “Fantastic trust, choreography did not flow, it was very Lindy ( we assume this means Lindy hop) “. She stated Lauren did a good performance needs more swivel and knows its a dance that people think they are doing enough when they need to do more.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Next dance will be  Cha Cha Cha inspired from the Film FAME music “Fame”

It Takes Two week 2 Thursday 4th October 2018

Lauren and AJ were on tonight’s show

Zoe asked, “AJ what are you trying to do to the woman?” Lauren stated that her heartbeat is not below 190 considering she said she is an athlete. She stated she is outside her comfort zone too. It was not till the live show that the couple managed to perfect that drop to the floor using one arm to push herself back up. That had been the first time they had managed to do it perfect. AJ said he believes it is the adrenalin that drove them through. Middle of the leaderboard, they reflected on what they might do to improve that status. The aim is to give people like Craig clearer action, using fundamental steps. Sorting out bent leg straight leg situations. There have been 7 Cha Cha dances so far this series. Lauren said it is technical and “Mindblowing, not easy”. AJ stated that his partner does not know how well she is doing.

There was a video message of support for Lauren from Dame Kelly Holmes, who said she is rooting for them and is a massive fan.

The Cha Cha for Movie night features the song Fame, but Zoe wondered if the couple have seen the film, being aware of their ages. Confusion as AJ wonders if they mean the 2009 version? The Original film was 1980 there have been some remakes. Considering Lauren was born 1992 this was before the couples time! They are planning to see it so they were saying to get inspiration. They will be jumping off of a car like in the original film.

week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

dance   Cha Cha Cha inspired from the Film FAME music “Fame”

Score points 20

Comments before the performance, AJ said that he is aware that sports people are all about not showing their emotions, and in dance people want you to expose and show that side more. Lauren finds it nerve-wracking she stated.

Outfits and Hair

Lauren: Black over the knee legwarmers, high dance heels and a fringed hem to leotard outfit with sparkly gold and black colour. Slack neckline, loose blouson top 3/4 length sleeves, very disco shimmery metallic. Long curly hair, with an Alice hair band in the style like wonder woman. Aj too busy watching Lauren, but the American college boy jacket satin gold bronze hues like Laurens outfit, and track style pants dark with a white line down the side of the leg, t-shirt under the jacket bronze/ gold satin shimmer.

Judges comments


The hip and leg action is her biggest area of concern, in that dance she needs a lot more attack.

Dame Darcey

“You are selling the look, gorgeous, you have to over exaggerate the leg action, you have so much potential”


“You have the physique, I like your personality, you need strength in the legs and feet good try”


“Don’t be afraid to sell, sell, sell” “Slight barrier”, (  Bruno then accidentally hits Shirley again,) ” don’t have that veil there”.  “believe in yourself, you have the potential at your disposal”.

HangerLondon Verdict

“You ain’t seen the best of me yet” – lyrics from Fame Irene Cara
It’s hard to imagine how to get your head out of disco fame dance on cars mode and chant cha cha cha, to that track, and we are old enough to remember the first time the Film came out. Lauren has been paying in sweat and effort each week that’s for sure. She totally rocks the leotard legwarmer 80s dance look though and owned the car bonnet stance. The backwards dive from the car into AJ’s catch whilst wearing heels Gutsy.
Demo with Strictly Pro Pasha on how to do the Quickstep

Next Dance Quickstep Music by the Years and Years, – “If You’re Over Me.”

Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

25  points

OutFits and Hair

Lauren had a red, deep dark pink wide striped dress flaring out to a long skirt, Grecian style belted at the waist, and round yoke neck strap. Back straps were multiple embellished sparkly red and looked like glittering beads.

AJ was in a matching red shade suit and tie with a black shirt that had a floral pattern of lighter coloured flowers on.

Judges Comments



Dame Darcey


HangerLondon Verdict

Couples choice will start next Saturday 20th October

Next Saturday Lauren and AJ will be the first couple to do the new category in strictly “The Couples Choice”  See our  Strictly overflow page.
Lauren will be doing a contemporary dance to the Music of   Beyoncé  “Runnin”

Showtime 20th October Saturday 2018

Week 5 Dance – Couples’ Choice routine (Contemporary) to ‘Runnin’ as sung by  Beyoncé

24 points


lauren had her hair braided into the head to a back ponytail braid. She wore some kind of silvery embellished glittery swimsuit style costume underneath a blue draping of fabric that created a skirt front and back and sides cut away so that you could still see the base of the costume underneath. Initially, she stood with a sports tracksuit top caped around

Judges comments


“Emotional, lines in this dance can be off, you have a wonderful emotional story to tell, keep telling that story”


“Action is all about reacting, I felt it delivered a set of still pictures a little unconnected, very brave”.

Dame Darcey

“Such strength, control, core, competitive athlete physique story told through the steps, breathe more to soften the landings. Contemporary is different, great effort”


“Love, flex feet contemporary is all about that, you delve deep, Fantastic Well Done, for the first time.” Head judges sensed that the Air grab moment at the start was for herself and for her family. The head judge agreed with  Craig about needing to connect more.

HangerLondon Verdict

Creative expression and freedom is a good thing. This theme and song fitted Laurens athletic persona like you could see her become her trade, herself, her game face.  Rather than having to go through the wallflowers journey of the ballroom pomp and powder. But it is still a tough wall to climb, being the first to do new moves like flexed feet, to the song “running”  on a show that has been running for years where people are not familiar with these now “allowed moves”.  Aj said 12 lifts in the routine, they were all different too. The Criteria to mark contemporary must be different from that used in Latin and Ballroom.

It Takes Two 22nd October 2018 Monday

Lauren and AJ were on tonight’s s

The first 7  from Head judge.  There were 12 lifts in the routine, were meant to symbolise AJ being Laurens support system lifting her up. It showcaLaurensrens story AJ said.

Week 6 Halloween Next dance Paso Doble – ” Poison ” by Nicole Scherzinger

Show Time Week 6 Halloween Week 27th October 2018 Saturday

Week 6 Halloween Dance  Paso Doble – ” Poison ” by Nicole Scherzinger

Points 29



Week 7 Showtime 3rd November Saturday 2018

Week 7 Dance and Song – Jive to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

Points 31


Outfits and hair

Street punk type theme Lauren had a red-green short kilt. Knee length socks black and white stripes. white t-shirt with lips emblem and red sleeves as an undergarment. Hair in a high ponytail, ankle converse sneakers. Aj kilt pattern sleeveless open shirt over a red t-shirt with white sleeves as an undergarment. black trousers side silver chains.


Judges Comments


“Growing week by week in confidence, for sure ” Shirley also commented that you have to have a lot of core strength and strength in the legs, spine and not wobble whilst AJ executed jumps over her head good.

Dame Darcey

“Stamina is not a problem for you, you are outdoing AJ, action swivel  full routine high energy, loved when you were left alone, very nice, showing your confidence, keep working on the character of the dance, show us even more expression of the character next week.”


“Remarkable put the whole range of it in every direction, attitude, coolness, sharp clear clean jive, always very synchronised with AJ very very difficult to do”


” There was a slight hesitation  1st series of kicks, look at it back and discover that I’m absolutely right, you know that is THE liveliest and the most energetic i have seen you,  you are going down the right track that wonderful series of arm-ography was extraordinary. ”


HangerLondon Verdict

Good to see transferable skills, from what Lauren is by trade. The faster pace of this dance and the fact Lauren has to perform a lot of it on her own, not always in hold matches athletic abilities. Seemed more at ease with this number. Good improvements considering no previous dance performing skills.

Week 8 Showtime 10th November 2018 Saturday

Week 8 Dance and Song

Viennese Waltz to You Are The Reason by Calum Scott and Leona Lewis

34 points

Outfits and Hair

Sheer pastel pink dress with ballroom puffed out layered skit detail. Sheet fabric gathered up to a yoke at the neck. Under was a silvery bustier section of the dress. Belt wide with square sections of silvery check square pattern. AJ had a pink shirt with sand coloured waistcoat matching trousers.

Judges Comments


“This show has been emotional tonight, you are an inspiration to other boys and girls out there, I love the top line, best pivot I have ever seen, tick so many boxes”.


“You are getting lovelier and lovelier,  every week, you are learning to love the dance”


” I felt you were dancing for the first time, this week, absolutely brilliant”

Dame Darcey

” Oh yes, great work  the ease with rotation, different transitions seamless, good body contact, but exaggerate that top line, ”


HangerLondon Verdict

We thought it also looked like Lauren had fallen into place with this ballroom business and that what both men were saying was along the lines of what we were thinking.




Week 9  Showtime 17th November Saturday 2018

Dance  Argentine Tango – Song –  River by Bishop Briggs

25 points

Outfits and Hair

Dramatic red and black look Lauren wore a long split skirted dress, with a diagonal up the front bodice line one shoulder bare. Black ballroom heeled sandals to complete the look. Her hair was scooped back on one side where three rows of braids were created into the head with red embellishments down each row at intervals.

Some of the Judges Comments


“Appreciate the complexity, the mood was too in one zone, love your determination, next week you will be back. “


“It is like watching a little girl growing up in front of your eyes, determination, intent, nice lines, shapes, lacked fluidity and intimacy. It is a very grown-up dance difficult to portray.”


“Stuck between each step should flow, needs more being loose in the leg, this shortening of long lines, need to point the feet and extend the lines, stompy, in three more weeks you will get it.”

Dame Darcey

“So hard did look challenging, solely in technique missing the chemistry and passion, have that narrative was missing overall, but you have it in you.”


HangerLondon Verdict

Maybe not Laurens Dance, photographically looks the part of a determined Tango Player. On most of the side shows on TV one is always seeing how Lauren is sidekick accessory to AJ social media machine, taking photos etc, would be difficult to summon passion under those circumstances. The pro always is very supportive though during the scoring stage that is what they should sell more when they dance.

Week 10 Saturday 24th November  Showtime

Dance and Song: Salsa – to Familiar by Liam Payne and J Balvin

Score 23 for the dance alone then gaining an extra 1 point from the Lindy Hop gaining 7th place Total  24

Outfits and Hair

Lauren had a half up half down hairstyle with side scoop braiding. The bodice of the short outfit was a glittery jewelled multicolour sparkle effect fitted bodice with soft wide shoulder straps.  Satin waistband to the skirt section in purple. Purple short tassel skirt going down in a point between the legs centre of the body. Upon movement, the layers of tassels on the skirt showed multi colours.

AJ was in a purple burgundy black striped open shirt with black trousers.

Judges Comments

Dame Darcey

“Well my goodness choreography so intricate first lift was very nice, just turn section messy feet, not bad.”


“Don’t think it was your best Number, agree with Darcey, not enough grounding in the feet, need strength in the legs and feet. ”


“Very demanding, you managed very well, push the hips through the feet, give it welly, sell it with all your body. ” Bruno also stated how he knows she is a nice girl but for some dances, you have to appear to be a bad girl.


“Lacklustre, foot placement haphazard, pigeon-toed feet apart when they should have been closed, shame really. ”

HangerLondon Verdict

For us, the routine looked better than some of the previous ones, but the comments made were things that never had been mentioned before so seemed like a shock. This season across the show some of these salsas and sambas have merged. The fitness one the Ashley one on this episode. Seems like the public are behind Lauren because she was voted to stay in come Sunday evening on the results show.


It Takes Two BBC 2 Monday 26th November 2018

Lauren and AJ were on tonight’s Show

They thanked the public for all their support and were surprised they escaped the dance-off. Also, it appears a lot of the public on social media have been complaining about the low marks given to Lauren on Saturday night. AJ said that for him Laurens dancing was amazing. Lauren said she had enjoyed the routine how many people get to dance on a table on a Saturday night she had not danced on a table before. They also touched on adapting routines. AJ determinedly said that they are adapted so that the public see them just like anyone performing that routine would have to dance it and that you wouldn’t see that a person has one arm. He said they do not avoid things or leave things out. Lauren said that the marks and comments on Saturday were somewhat “Disheartening”. The couple said that they were trying to show the fun personal side of Lauren that AJ has gotten to know in the training room and have fun. AJ did not feel she deserved a 5 as was the case with some on twitter which the show read out a comment to illustrate. Lauren enjoyed the Lindyhop, fun and “bubbles”,  but even now still confused if they were last or second to last. It was a “Blast” Lauren said because they got to do fun moves like chickens we think she said, and there were others all on the dance floor at the same time. So the couple thanked the public again for the support and overwhelmed by the comments. A lot of good sportsmanship and positivity from Lauren.

Next weeks theme for strictly week 11 will be MUSICALS. The couple will be performing American Smooth to a song from the Musical “South Pacific”

Tuesday 27/11/18 It Takes Two BBC 2

Erin Boag Strictly Pro dancer discussing Choreography was on tonights show.

Laurens Salsa on Saturday

“great connection full of life, not quite enough, needs to loosen up she is more of a ballroom than a Latin. She is elegant.”

Showtime Week 11 Saturday 1st December 2018  MUSICALS

Dance- American Smooth – Musical – South Pacific -Song – “I’m in love with a beautiful guy.”


Points 35

Outfits and Hair

Peachy pinky pastel dress with a long pleated skirt that had horizontal panels. A long ribbon sash belt in a bow. The fitted bodice part to the dress, very 1950’s style low cut back. Crystals sparkly in complementary shades and a lighter band of fabric folded over to the top of the bust area with lighter crystals on. Wide light colour straps, very delicate dress. Hair was up in wavy tucked in an updo with a beautiful art deco style diamante curved hair slide on one side of the updo.

AJ wore a cream coloured suit.

Some of the Judges Comments



“From the bottom of the leaderboard to turn the heat up on the first number, absolutely outstanding, pivots beautiful centre, thank you so much for closing the feet and pointing the toes, I’m humbled.” Strictly head judge was humbled by the fact Lauren had taken on board all the judges comments.


” Return to form, dance like a dream, paradise, expressive, touching, I’m telling you my darling, Welcome Back.”


“Prooves Ballroom is your strength, flying, love the timing, acting telling the story gorgeous.”

DAme Darcey

” Stunning transformation, kept in the frame, clean dismounts, lovely those three travelling turns with the leg round.”

HangerLondon Verdict

Agreed, Lauren floats in Ballroom, enchanting. Also for the fact she was a total beginner when she started this competition. Those three spins towards the end that Dame Darcey mentioned, we noticed how novel they seemed have not seen someone do that on the show this season or to this type of dance. Plus the couple stated whilst waiting for the scores, how “Jolly” Lauren said it was. AJ thought it was Laurens best dance yet.


Show Time Strictly Come Dancing Semi-Final week 12 Saturday 8th December

Each couple will be performing two songs each for the Semi-Final

Samba to Rock The Boat by The Hues Corporation Lauren & AJ (Dance 1)

Tango to Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner Lauren & AJ (Dance 2)

Points 31 + 23 = 54

Judges Comments by initial


“hold is strong, I would have liked more of a clipped head at every transition, that’s a little soft. Overall the performance, you come out and you want it and that’s what I  liked.”

“you kept the correct character beginning to end beautiful oversway thro away, in synch with him till you got to the end Darcy was right it got a little out of synch. Improved footwork some steps we haven’t seen well done for choreography.”

“Your most grown up and mature performance today, because of the nature of the dance its diff to maintain. Don’t go out of character when you separate. A performance has to be 100 per cent on it. you have to maintain your focus otherwise very good.”

“Bruno is right it did become a bit pedestrian in places, stiff flat-footed if totally honest, unlike Shirley I thought you needed more V frame. Shirley said that she had a good frame. Overall you come out. ”




“you have a larger than life partnership, but  made too many mistakes
got on the wrong foot, and came down, got on the wrong foot again, hard to do two dances, not your best dance.”

“I really felt for you, my darling,  it happens to all of us, once you go on the wrong foot and forgot a bit of the choreography, difficult to recover,  it happens to everyone.”

“just a shame really isn’t  it darling that it all went a little bit wrong, you could have covered it up by a bit of acting you know to throw your hair about, it wasn’t your night for the samba.”

” you are such an inspiring lady, this dance sadly did suffer, so hard two dances one week.”





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