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(Retired ) 14/10/18 Katie Piper and Gorka Marquez

18th September 2018 Interview Radio Times

It Takes Two Strictly Week 1 Tues 25th September 2018

Erin Boag Choreography corner


Nerves, looked beautiful, Lead didn’t let her go, or the idea is to keep in touch with one hand. Overcome the nerves, will improve.

First Performance Waltz to When We Were Young.

Strictly- “It  Takes Two”  week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Katie and Gorka were on tonight’s show

Next dance week 2 -Paso Doble – “ Demi Lovato-Confident”

“Beautiful Box- Great promise” – Head Judge Shirley. Re the nerves Katie said the track was emotional. Gorka says the first week is the hardest for the celebrity even the pros when it was their first time in the studio lights, how impressive it all is.

Katie resonates with the constructive criticism that was given. She is positive and optimistic for next week. Gorka claims it was his fault for the mistake with Katie’s foot placement. Craig had been impressed with her recovery. Katie said social media helped her because they were so supportive, and she had been hard on herself. They have been practising the Ole for the Paso, which Katie had been confusing with Hola!. Practising the inner Tigress.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018

Waite’s Warm Up comments

Katie has more attitude this time for the Paso than last week.  She can show her confidence, strength and determination. Ian suggests she extends her hand further along the skirt edge straighter arm, will help to extend the line.

Vicky Gill Strictly’s Costume Designer

An exclusive look at week 2 garments. Wardrobe

Katie’s waltz dress from last week was shown on screen as the couple were dancing, commenting on how beautiful it was. The costume designer said they worked from simple block shapes that they had that they knew would work for the person’s shape. They like to be kind to people when designing the best shape to use for that person.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

We see some shots of Katie in training and the summary that this dance is everything in character that Katie is not, she said she will release her anger. Biggins from the Friday Panel said she is adorable, if she can conquer the nerves, fingers crossed.

Week two Showtime 29th September 2018

Paso Doble  Music “Confident” by Demi Lovato

Chats with the Katie before the performance, how anxiety was her problem last week, but Gorka said he was so proud. Katie when on to say that the most challenging thing is to coordinate what she is doing with the skirt. She wants to be more confident she used to be when she was younger. How they had put the work in, and hopefully we get to see a different Katie.

Out Fit & Hair

Katie’s hair was in a half updo half long crimped style with 2 braids at the front hanging down, and a pink feather. The colour theme was a deep burgundy deep pink and black lace. Pink eyeshadow to vamp up the look, for the Paso to look fearsome. Boat neckline, long flowing skirt. Gorka’s outfit used the same deep pink burgundy shade black lace and he wore waistcoat made out of that, bare-chested.

Judges Scoring: Craig (C), Dame Darcy (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores: C-2       DD- 4         S-  3         B-4                Total 13
Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                                      Total 30

Comments from the Judges

Craig (C) “Very stompy, Jaw way too high, no real shaping, very plank-ish”

Darcy (DD) “what a transformation, hiding the nervous anxiety” It being a most dramatic dance suggestion to carry it through to the shaping. Darcy would have loved to have seen her transfer the attitude in her face to her walks.

Shirley (S) “Channel the inner strength, looked well in the beginning, then got on the wrong foot, couldn’t get that back, not the best, good try not much flamenco. ”

Bruno (B) “Aggressive determination, timing is very important” Agreed that once on the wrong foot hard to get that back, how she needs to play the part flavour of Spain.

After with Claudia, we could see Katie was upset, and Gorka reiterated to viewers that in two weeks someone that never danced before, it is incredible.

Hangerlondon verdict:

We Wonder if the dances get chosen at random for the couples to do, how does it work? Who decides what to do? Would the couple have picked the Paso out of choice? Maybe at a later date, that dance may have been easier hard to say. One missed step can be hard for anyone to catch up. It is like domino dancing.

We thought Katie had the harshest comments to deal with of the night. We respect Judges know their Dances.  Also what some might say in theory we agree too, but it is how something is said. We also note as with some other contestants in the past when they have had a differ-ability, disability or sensitivity about something, how the comments have been inappropriate, cutting or just like a machine gun. To the point of lacking in reasonable adjustment.  Not that we need to let people off for things or think we need to walk on eggshells, around issues, but there is such a thing as tact.  We like the sense Katie was brave enough to be open about her personal barriers to the journey in strictly because loads of people can resonate with anxiety for all sorts of situations. Plus no one wants to see someone perfectly trained to pretend they are competing. We liked the outfit presentation.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Monday 1st October  2018

Natalie Lowe Choreography Corner from a strictly pro dancer

This being the first Paso of the show. Katie showed, “Attack, attitude, ” Proud. Natalie suggested thinking of the moves moving through, “like a Rhumba pushing away slowly,  pushing through, softer transition.”

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Katie and Gorka were on tonight’s show.

Recap of the judges comments ” Wrong foot pretty much throughout”. Zoe said she did “Exude confidence” during that routine. Katie said she had watched it back with her daughter who said: “Go Katie”. She has been using meditation techniques to keep calm, and some coaching during rehearsals. Gorka said she did quite well, he was very proud. Then he joked of course “He has to be more Spanish”, which was one of the criticisms given on Saturday night.


Katie felt the technique probably suffered a bit as she was focusing on other stuff. She reflected that she could have thought more about the timing. Then they showed a comment that someone had made online about the harsh judge’s comment from Craig “Get a grip man” is one of the remarks. Katie said without the public she would not have had the confidence to go back on stage. She joined the competition because she can’t dance, she knows this. Thanks to the public she said, they are still there, and it’s scary to think of elimination each week now as she feels she is not the best dancer. “Nature of the Beast, each week we lose someone”.

Next dance for movie week will be the Foxtrot Music, Theme tune to La La Land Mia & Sebastian’s Theme”, Justin Hurwitz

” It takes two” week 2  3rd October Wednesday 2018

katie said, “One of us is really good, so we are 50% there”

Week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

Dance Foxtrot Music Theme tune to La La Land Mia and Sebastian’s Theme.

Outfits and Hair

Matching black and white lace-up flat brogue shoes, same colour and style as was used in the movie. Katie wore a bright yellow dress long flowing skirt several layers, with a sheer see-through layer on the top. Fitted bodice, with silvery sparkle embellishment. Hair down with a diamante leaf style clip to clip the fringe back. Gorka was wearing a navy blue slim tie, with a white shirt rolled up sleeves, a navy blue line on the colour. Matching dark trousers.

Judges Comments


The Head judge stood up and was clapping”I want to give you my own standing ovation, nice footwork, didn’t make any mistakes”


“Wonderful dreamy quality, very nice lines, don’t doubt yourself”


“Bit of a tentative start, breakthrough in the music”

Dame Darcey

“Each week you are stepping in the right direction oh my gosh you enjoyed it, that’s why we enjoyed it”.



Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

Dance Jive- Music ” Why do Fools Fall in Love” by Frankie Lymon.

18 points

Out Fits and Hair

Judges Comments


Dame Darcey


HangerLondon Verdict

Katie had the guts to answer back to Craig, so perhaps improved in some confidence, unbothered by what he said when she answered how it was just supposed to be her birthday dance. The song was a classic, traditional 50s costume shape, great colour combination.





Sunday 14th October Results show

Sadly Katie was voted out after the Dance off with Charles and his partner. At least she had got to be happy in her two final dances and left on a high point.

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