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1940 WW2 Sir Winston Churchill gave his well known speech containing the words”We shall fight on the Beaches”

Declaration of war september 1939a

In the months leading up to September 1939, tensions between Britain and Germany had been rising steadily. Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, had

617 sqaudron dambusters

On the 16th May 1943, 617 Squadron took off on its now famous bombing raid of the Möhne and Eder dams in the Ruhr valley using

Royal Flying corps was founded on the 13th May 1912

The Birth of the Royal Flying Corps in London: A Historical Overview The Royal Flying Corps (RFC) was formed in 1912 as part of the

Lord Mayor's Show 2019

The Lord Mayors show was the Kings idea; King John he came up with a cunning plan to request the Lord Mayor march each year

ceramic poppies at the imperial war museum

Poppies Art installation to commemorate World War One Centenary (1918-2018) at The Imperial War Museum, enjoy the virtual walk Ceramic Poppy Artist Paul Cummins  

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