Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice

Faye Tozer, a pop star with the band Steps. Partnered with Giovanni from Sicily.

The Strictly Come Dancing daily diary

Radio Times Interview 19th September Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice



First Performance  Dancing the Cha Cha  Music,  Sigala and Paloma Faith

It takes two Monday week one 24th September 2018

We have quoted and paraphrased and described what went on in the program for people who need diverse methods of accessing information and for people who miss the show or who want to follow one particular couple.

Erin Boag, Choreography Corner.

The professional dancer from previous seasons was on the show to give comments about this seasons contestants.


Described as being confident, great legs, good spins.

Strictly- “It Takes Two” week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Ian Waite in
Waite’s Warm-up.


Next dance Viennese Waltz  for week 2
Joint top on Saturday needs to work on her stiffness. They do not lose contact in practice, a good thing. She is doing the flower in the vase posture well. If she raises her elbow up in hold on the left-hand side, it will position the hand better. Smooth pivots though.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018

Faye & Giovanni were on tonight’s show

Top of the leaderboard, joint first.”Incredibly impressive, dynamic finishes” – Darcy. Everyone liked the steps choreography that was included. Nerve racking having to wait until the end before they performed. Crash coffee, doughnut, caffeine sugar roller coaster. Craig- “Incredible” Giovanni said, “She got moves”. Faye’s son had been watching it at home.

How is this compared to last week posture, keeping neck up. Giovani is planning something different in this waltz as the music is not the usual it is darker. He would like to see what the public think about it.

The reality check that this week will be the first elimination. The Scores will be carried over from last week so their 29 points will remain. Faye says nothing is guaranteed in this show.

Next Dance week 2 will be the Viennese waltz –“It is a man’s world by Seal?

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

The Friday Panel make their round up about the couple. Zane says they look “Fantastic”, together Gemma adds the fact that Giovani always comes up with good Choreography. Gethin Jones was also talking to people behind the scenes and showing us the couples whilst they were doing their poses for the shows TV opening titled. Faye says its very hard to look elegant whilst feet are going so fast.  Also that the nerves are worse on the Friday rehearsal because its the first time they practice with the lights and on Saturday she is used to performing so can just turn into that frame of mind. Dr Ranj was agreeing with the nerves being worse for the Friday rehearsals.


Week two show time 29th September 2018

Viennese Waltz “This is a Mans World” This song was written by James Brown and Betty Newsome. We are not sure why the program information was saying Seal

Comments from the contestants before their performance. Faye said there are a million things to think of. They showed Faye’s son and husband in training session.

Faye wore a stunning red long backless gown. Hair in a low chignon style and a diamante decoration clipped into the back.

Craig (C), Dame Darcey (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores  C-8      DD-8             S-7               B-8   = Total   31

wk 1 + 2  scores                                                         Total  60

Comments from Judges

Craig (C)  – Thought they both “Shattered” that old Viennese Waltz, “Absolutely Gorgeous”, best dance of the night, felt one should ignore head judge about what wasn’t right with it, that stuff can come later.

Darcey (D) “Took my breath away” “Musicality, Phrasing, drama, conviction, held neck didn’t budge, beautiful freckle at the end”

Shirley (S) “Lovely storytelling, so talented, beautiful lady” More pointers about how one should go forward on the heel more.

Bruno (B) ” Viennese Thriller, most compelling intertwined dramatisation, characterisation, I believed every moment, both good actors”

HangerLondon Verdict: No Story Untold, Fluid Dynamics.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Natalie Lowe  strictly professional dancer in Choreography corner

Natalie loved their routine, “Classic, gorgeous, show dance”. “She is phenomenal, she went from a natural turn not in hold then into “hold,” then pivots, and the best fleckle she has seen from a female celebrity and the standing spin without buckling”. “Week two they are going places”. “Goosebumps”. Zoe added how watching it back again even she sees how perfect Faye is. They affirmed what Craig had said on the night about it shattering the old view of what a traditional Viennese Waltz is. Tips, More power “Invite the man dance through the man!”

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Wednesday 3rd  October  2018

Next dance  Quickstep to the inspiration from the film Grease,  Music  ” You’re The One That I Want “

4th October 2018 Faye and Giovani appear on the Lorraine Show ITV

Strictly It Takes Two  week 2  Friday 5th  October

Faye and Giovani were on tonight’s show

They discussed the fact the routine was different from the normal Viennese Waltz. Faye stated that she did not know how far out the routine was from its traditional form, but she agreed to go with it. Giovani said it was a Risk, he said he has an incredible partner and wanted to challenge himself too. Zoe stated this divided the opinions of two main judges.  Faye enjoyed it, she said it was like making a “Mini-movie, for a perfume add” or something. The heel leads will come.

Movie weeks song and theme, Faye said she is a fan of Olivia Newton-John, and got to meet her about 3 yrs ago. Giovani was about 8 yrs old when he performed his first Danny Grease Character. The BBC is on the hunt for these early tapes. Faye also stated the more you practice this character the more one sees how one is not like the character at all. She answered at this point she is more like the Sandra Dee character. She stated its fast, you have to think about frame, feet, direction. Giovani is not giving away any secrets as to if the routine is traditional or different. After about the 3rd time practising on the real studio stage she said it is easier, as one has to get used to the lights, the floor initially it is disorientating.

week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

Quickstep  Music ” You’re The One That I Want”  from Grease the Movie

Before the performance in training, Joe Sugg said he had a crush on Olivia Newton-John at the end of the film, and also on Faye in Steps so he was in  Heaven.

Top of the leaderboard  36 points

(C)  9  (DD)  9  ( S)  9  ( B) 9

OutFits and Hair

Dressed exactly how Olivia Newton-John was dressed at the end of the film. Faye wore her hair curly to match the style in the film too. Slick black skin-tight trousers, short black leather jacket, fitted off-shoulder dipped boat neck fitted black short sleeve top, with a bit of jet sparkly effect but not too blingy. Red heeled shoes, court shoe style. Giovani was dressed like John Travolta college boy cardigan white red logo. Black underneath.  Goodhairdoo, sideburns and quiff.

Judges Comments

(S) Shirley

“Its Electrifying” “Impressive Chassis”  3 kinds of chassis were used, Tipsy, Scatters and Scoop “executed really well”. “One of the best Quick steps’s ever seen on Strictly Come Dancing”.

(B) Bruno

“and I’m Losing control” Bruno then got up  and went over to Kate a bit like how Travolta does in the movie “and its electrifying”

(C) Craig

“I think Bruno’s Pills have finally kicked in”  ” 3 Words – Fab u Lous”.

(DD) Dame Darcey

“Fabulous choreography, fabulous speed, craziness you were actually gliding”


HangerLondon Verdict:

Turning a 40-year-old nostalgic rock and roll film into Electric Ballroom

The wardrobe hair and makeup were Spot On, the couple just morphed into the characters before they even started dancing. The Speed and tempo of how quick the couple moved off when it started on the chorus looked impeccable. Grease lightning.

It Takes Two  October 10th  week 3 Wednesday 2018

Ian Waite’s choreography corner

Looking at the Couples Rumba for the next show. Good Rumba walks, lots of spins, going into a complicated hold. Ian said he feels Giovani is upping it a bit putting those in. Feet a bit too turned out, roll through the foot instead.

It Takes Two October 11th week 3 Thursday 2018

Faye and Giovani were on tonight’s show

The highest score of the series so far. Best Ever quickstep on strictly in History, were some of tonight’s comments. Faye just like Olivia Newton-John was stitched into her trousers, which she said she was excited about at first, till it came to going to the ladies room. Giovani said she did very well, he did not make that routine easy, lot of chassis, difficult very fast, lot of change in direction maintain the frame.

Talk about “setting the bar high now”. Faye stated she is not going to put any pressure on herself. She will put the effort in, and Giovani said they want to keep the quality quite high.

Their next Dance the Rumba will be a proper Rumba, which was stated is notoriously difficult, Faye stated “It is not natural.”, to which Giovani said, ” None of it is.”, Zoe agreed.

Vicky Gill Costume designer had the mystery mannequin on.

It was the beginning of Fayes outfit. Faye mentioned how Vicky had created some costumes for steps, and new which performances. Saturday’s outfit was unveiled, a gold and silver long bead tassel detail Leotard! Faye asked where the rest of it was. Eventually, the designer said there will be some Georgette strips to make up the skirt. The leotard had a one sleeve design, diagonal line across the decolletage


Next Dance Rumba Music Sia’s Chandelier

Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

Dance Rumba Music Sia’s Chandelier

29  points

Out Fits and Hair

Faye wore the dress that was half started and shown on Thursday. It had a diagonal across the chest line to the leotard top section. It had fringed long beading gold and another shiny colour possibly silver. The skirt did have long strips of fabric almost to the floor.

Giovani in black open chested sheer black fabric shirt tied at the waist.

Judges Comments

There was a lot to communicate here, to snip odd phrases do not explain what was meant, we have tried to pass on the overall story to what was said.


“You found a good balance, Giovani between some exciting highlights and basic step”, ” liked  Cucaracha’s,  hip rock  quite nice standing still nice rotation but the leg action not quite there for me,”  “the feeling was held”,  “but I didn’t really believe it” Head judge agreed with part of what Dame Darcey had said about this. “There was a lot that I really enjoyed,  it is a dance of love, it is a difficult dance to do, on some parts you did very well on other parts you continually need to work on.   This is what the Head judge looks for in a Rhumba ” I like seamless transitions, judging space”


I felt it my darling a goddess making herself available to her man. You almost got me to tears, lines were very good,  The last section of turns was incredible. sometimes you lost the liquid fluidity, that always runs through the dance, Very very strong performance.”

Dame Darcey

“really really lovely things, most favourite, are those chaines turns, and change of direction, focus straight on Giovani very nice”.

you have this wonderful ability to express your feelings, but I do find sometimes its just here (upper chest) and comes into the shoulders, would love that to follow through. ”

“it is nerve-wracking to create something slow and sustained as that, but if you could follow that through that undulating from one step to the next would be superb

Dame Darcey at the end of her verdict said she was being picky because Faye is that good.


Craig said he was pleased that Shirley is now being booed, welcome darling to the show sweety, he said. “miss connectivity, ” could see it inwardly but not outwardly he said. “You are a beautiful dancer there is no doubt about it”.

HangerLondon Verdict

Faye started the number by standing inside a tube of virtual lit up rain which was an effective start. Her ballet type spins, and turns are impressive each week, so its great to see Dame Darcy say this woman is good. The timing of the footwork to the music, for the Rhumba, is well known to be difficult.


Here is an accomplished ballet dancer demo  Chaines turns.



Showtime Saturday 20th October 2018

Week 5 Dance  Foxtrot – Music  ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars


33 points

It Takes Two Monday 22nd October 2018

Faye and Giovani were on tonight’s show

Giovani said they will have help from an outside choreographer and there will be a lot of Fosse type moves in the routine.

Next weeks Dance will be the “Couples Choice, Musical Theatre, to Peggy Lee “Fever”

Show Time Week 6 Halloween Week 27th October 2018 Saturday

 Dance  the “Couples Choice, Musical Theatre Jazz, to Peggy Lee “Fever”

Points 39 points

Outfits and hair

Faye had a top of the head ponytail that was given a long braid extension and half of her face was given a diagonal white makeup effect with a black round eye, to emulate a skeleton face, the other half effect half of her face being a female form. Black suit white shirt black bowtie. Black lace-up shoes.

Giovani had the same diagonal half face as Faye. He wore a black suit white shirt black bow tie as Faye

Judges Comments

Dame Darcey

“So much I loved about that routine, mirroring, elevating held her en point on toe stunning absolutely brilliant”.


“Outstanding, new style for me, small details absolutely in synch first class”




“Fosse, Fabulous and All That Jazz you got it”

Hangerlondon Verdict

Captivating watch, good hair makeup costumes, clever choreography. Classic song choice speaks volumes.

The intro video stated that Faye has always had a connection even when younger to the stage and performing, to then being picked out of 600 people to become one of the band members of Steps. The bio of the Star online makes no secret of the fact she also attended the Anne Gale Dance School, Luton. Excelling in Ballet, Tap and Modern. This couples choice routine seems far more matched to this foundation. Plus like Faye said she was covered in bruises from rehearsals. This is not an easy walk for anyone.

Week 7 Showtime 3rd November Saturday 2018

Week 7 Dance and song- Tango “Call me” by Blondie


Points 38

Outfits and Hair

All dancers had a pinned on poppy.

Faye had a burgundy tiered net skirt long, and a fitted thin strap bodice top section that had black and red panels in a sheer type netting fabric. Hair was pinned back either side to the middle to give her a faux mohawk type section down the middle of the head and the clips were black pointed like bare veined leaves on either side to scrape and scoop the hair into the middle. Pointed black eyeliner.

Giovani was in black with red satin at the back of the black-fronted waistcoat. Red Tie.

Judges Comments


“Phenomenal moments, splashes of colour. In Tango you do not turn out, they are parallel a bit of critique about the footwork, Very Good performance Splashes of Colour”.

Dame Darcey

“Fantastic intensity, passion, energy precision, contrasts changes, the control, I’m in Love”.


“I do not think you needed the cube,  nothing much happened in it. Get rid of that and it would have been worth a 10. ”


“Breathless lighter than Craig’s girdle, every nuance, step you were right on it mesmerising”

HangerLondon Verdict

The box and laser lights were not easy on the eye. Faye always looks the part of a dancer even before the number starts. Steps was a successful band because of alchemy photogenic performer stage presence like this.  Another competitor with previous experience so it is good that the head judge made more technical comments. The couple does always deliver something new and Faye adapts and applies herself each week.


Week 8 Showtime 10th November 2018 Saturday

Week 8 Dance and Song

Jive to Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson

36 Points

Outfits and Hair

light pastel lemon them to the couple’s outfits. Faye wore a knee-length circle skirt in light delicate yellow satin. bodice top section halter neck style with delicate diamond colour small embellishment sparkly stones. Hair rolled up half up half down 1940s look.

Giovanni was wearing lemon white and navy stripe shirt with a bit of bling in the blue stripe.

Judges Comments


“Very confident, extremely capable, say that first, now that we are coming up to Blackpool week, it lacks the changes of energy, expect a little more at this stage, so it hits cord a little more”, Giovanni clarified if this meant to be more Dynamic, Shirley agreed it did.


“Picture perfect rendition of 1940s jive pin-up sequencing, chaines turns, flicks, ” Bruno made reference to the fact that a famous Hollywood dancer did some of these moves with immaculate styling.


“I loved it”

Dame Darcey

“Speed was extraordinary, turning flick ball changes agree with Bruno, Overall great job.”

HangerLondon Verdict

The Turns pirouettes chaines, spinning round basically whilst doing other things or kicking the jive action impressive, considering her partner is pretty fast at Jive and anything in comparison would be noticeable.  Something seemed to be slowed down in several couples this evening though like they were dancing on a fragile floor, or like they were holding something back. The section where Faye slowed down the kicking to a kind of slow-motion action and kept the beat was something different and looked technical, the 1940s feel to the piece was refreshing. The pre-dance chit chat about how military soldiers overseas who Faye visited in the past with Steps had sent a dancing message of support that was far more interesting than a lot of the other noise going on. Like Faye said so apt for Remembrance Sunday.


Faye and Giovanni on This Morning 8/11/18

Week 9  Showtime 17th November Saturday 2018

Dance Paso Doble – Song: Unstoppable by E.S Posthumus

Outfits and Hair

Faye had an intricate hairstyle that consisted of horizontal braiding that went around the crown and turned around the sides. The rest of the hair was loose in a half updo. Wing black eyeliner extended out, gold and black eyeshadow. The skirt was a split layered tiered design in black with gold lines on the edges of the tiered hemlines. Belted with gold several lines wide belt and a strappy ballerina style bodice black with sparkly gold embellishments.

Giovani was just in black, the black mesh long line arms fitted.

38 points

Some of the Judges Comments

Dame Darcey

” Feel the heat, beautiful strong delivery, dramatic, attack, you kept the femininity, hard to do, extraordinary flip straight lift, the recovery, really well controlled.”


” Musicality Powerful, Choreography Powerful, I thought it was Brilliant.”


“Steaming pressure cooker, dynamics you gave a Paso dominatrix.” Bruno also commended the way Faye was able to keep control of each change of male dance partner, not easy to do.”


” I loved the drama, theatre, story, aggression”.

HangerLondon Verdict

Faye must be a dream to any hair makeup and wardrobe artist. The lift Dame Darcey mentioned was different as well as impressive, the whole lot was a drama Rama good show.

Week 10 Saturday 24th November  Showtime

Dance and Song: Waltz – To See The Day by Dee C Lee

Score 39 points for Dance alone 2nd place in Lindy Hop gaining an extra 6 points.  Total  45 points Top of Leaderboard.

Outfits and Hair

Faye had a low chignon bun style hair that was decorated with a few diamante hair clips. Long sleeved long gown with layers and a lighter layer underskirt. Red shade of dress.Red satin bad going down the front skirt, and subtle sparkly stones or red sequin type embellishment on the bodice loose part of the dress. black belt.

Giovani was in a black tailcoat and white bow tie and shirt. Giovani also had sparkly round diamond colour ear studs in both ears.

Judges Comments


Tes asked Craig if he loved it, “Yes, as a matter of fact, graceful, elegant, gorgeous amount of rising and fall, I loved absolutely loved that full semi-circular pivots absolutely gorgeous

Dame Darcey

Well, Faye, it all came together I love, that natural rotation of the head, it was divine, known as the Big Top I believe, divine continuous control, like Craig said pivots continuous, you control that, you always give something extra seamless grace and control beautiful work. ”


“I can tell for sure that this week  you have put in  long hours of dedication into this because there were skills we have not seen at all  in the competition so far,natural spin turn where you bought your feet together with the most sweetest of brush steps, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful natural turn, lovely oversway, pivot at the end so spectacular because you drove forward on the heel, he drove forward on his heel so had that continuous movement and still top line. I thought it was exquisite.


“Effortlessly classic, it had such refinement, polish, almost regal oversway immaculate, that really was an upper-class Waltz.”

HangerLondon Verdict

We noticed the showboat moments where Faye stops to pose the head and foot like they are getting into the classic ballroom statue position. Fluid enchanting one of the best dances of the season for Waltz.


Tuesday 27/11/18 It Takes Two BBC 2

Erin Boag Strictly Pro dancer discussing Choreography was on tonights show.

Faye Saturday’s Waltz

“beautiful spin turn, double reverse spin, tumble turn beautiful footwork, working hard on heel leads.” ” series of pivots she keeps going, difficult to do a whole series of pivots” ..demo time. right thigh to right thigh pivot round. Without the contact can go wobbly.


Week 11 Showtime Musicals Week Saturday 1st December 2018

Charleston to The Lonely Goatherd – Sound of Music


Points 40 Wow a 10 from CRAIG!

Outfits and Hair

Talk about a kid in a candy shop. Faye’s puppet on a string outfit starting with the freckles, the double trail of braids around the crown falling into pigtails either side of the head in bunches that then bent upwards. with a satin blue aqua bow. This blue aqua colour was picked up in the Corset, its top edging dusted with blue glitter. The front of the corset had a criss-cross lace up ribbon in the front in candy pink. The same pink appeared on the fitted long sleeve arms, with pinks and crystal colour crystals embellishments. But there is more, a tiny white apron with red zig-zag edging. This then blossomed into bloomers that looked like a skirt in candy pink and white vertical strips with white frills at each leg.

Giovani even had a hair makeover and became a blond for the night, Christmas Green cone hat, pink shirt and yellow shorts with the lederhosen style H shape braces. Long socks

During the afterglow awaiting scores, Giovani thanked the Choreographer that worked with them this week Jenny.

Some of the Judges comments


“Everybody was on their feet, ultimate crowd-pleasing show stopper, delight, original ideas, theatrical masterpiece Beautiful. Take it to Broadway darling it will run forever.”


“I thought the goats were good darling, you weren’t bad either, WELL DONE.”

Dame Darcey

” Extraordinary there was a movement to every beat, how you managed to keep in synch, with those strings, stunning to perfection.”


“The Sound of Music is my go-to Musical at Christmas, so thank you for that, not a flaw, you are brilliance in motion.”

HangerLondon Verdict

Even if you watch this with the sound down you get to see how puppet clockwork toylike it was. Stunning outfits, innovative Christmas, sweet shop musical classic, elements of the chitty bang bang. Faye literally looked like she was propelled by springs, certainly gives Giovanni a force to be reckoned with. Although Faye has performance and dance experience every couple gets a charleston specialist when it is their turn to do this dance previous show have said.  So to pull this dance off is a challenge to everyone. Definately the best one this season. Also, it got a ten from Craig.



Show Time Strictly Come Dancing Semi-Final week 12 Saturday 8th December

Each couple will be performing two songs each for the Semi-Final

Samba to I Go To Rio by Pablo Cruise Faye & Giovanni (Dance 1)

Argentine Tango to La Cumparsita by Machiko Ozawa Faye & Giovanni (Dance 2)


Points  37 + 39 = 76

Judges comments by initial

Argentine Tango

“smoothness of strictly cut like a diamond, grace of a  gazelle”, then Bruno  compared to a tiger
“your foot and leg action looked like you were conducting the orchestra, its very very rare to see the musicality, rare was humbling.”

“there was a clumsy moment when u went for a battement, something happened. ” ” so tiny”,  Dame Darcey said

“oh my goodness the intense drama, I loved it you worked her hard the articulation of every tiny movement scrumy, how you slowed down every dismount, and every step passionate,  partnering you gave her the freedom to express those lines powerful but femininte superb.”

“for a semi-final absolutely outstanding. Giovani I’m tottaly in love, with her feet, you have the most beautiful ankles and feet, you have really worked on those tiny tiny details the passion between you was magical


Outfit light pink and pale short fluted fitted bodice flared ra ra skirt

“The shadow rev rolls absolutely love, nice control footwork, like to have seen a bit more pivoting, good bounce, appreciated the shadow reverse roll really nice steps really quite well.”

” party all night all very well capturing the mood, I think you gave us a lot of content of great quality it was excellent.”

” you need a little bit more hip action on the first set of voltas, as it was perfect on the second set, lovely amount of bounce I thought routine absolutely incredible.”

“i was so impressed like a masterclass how u acheived so much of that technique, nice leaping movements really wonderful performance well done.”



Showtime The Final December 15th Saturday

Judges Pick – Viennese Waltz to It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Judges comments


I do love a bit of drama, I enjoyed that, I loved it the first time around and loved it, even more, the 2nd time around much better fantastic. ”

Dame Darcey

Faye, you are the best ballroom dancer in the competition, so unusual to see that emotion and drama to the V Waltz, superb



” I loved it, don’t listen to Shirley so early in the competition week 2 work on the technique”   “Amazing.”



Agrees with Shirley, Faye never fails, the girl always delivers, from the first show of this season, the ability to make the V Waltz so dramatic never seen one like it.


c – 10  D – 10  S – 10  B – 10  =    40 points   9 points more than last time.

Show Dance: Song – Lullaby of Broadway by Harry Warren and Al Dubin.

The show dance will be what epitomises for Faye everything she loves about Showbiz. Gold fitted V shape neckline, bodice glittery, with a split leg, flowing gold satin skirt, glitter on shoes.


Fabulous darling,

Dame Darcey

I loved that, clean crisp accent, stylish lines, sophisticated, never forced, a true movie star


” I felt you brought Broadway to strictly absolutely syncronised to a T you enjoyed it we enjoyed it, good choreography.”


” Hooray fosse, all these Hollywood goddesses brought back to life thanks to you.”


C- 10    D – 10     S – 10   B – 10    = 40 points

The Couples 3rd dance, their couples choice,  Theatre Jazz. which was a Strictly First.


Love, love, love

Dame Darcey

One of my fave dances of the series, it just got better and better


you have blossomed, bloomed, you are outstanding


I think everyone can join in with me with this one AMazing

C- 10   D – 10  S – 10   b – 10  = 40

Faye Giovani Showdance Final Strictly Come Dancing 15th December 2018


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