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(Retired) 5/11/18 Dr Ranj Singh and Janette Manrara


Radio Times Interview 20th September

First Performance Cha Cha to the Song How will I know


It Takes Two Strictly Week 1 Tues 25th September 2018

We have quoted and paraphrased and described what went on in the program for people who need diverse methods of accessing information and for people who miss the show or who want to follow one particular couple.

Erin Boag Choreography corner

Social media comment about Erin  how “she doesn’t age.”

Dr Ranj

Comments from the night and from Erin “Poppet rockets”, arm placement clean “Camp fun.”

Strictly- “It  Takes Two”  week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Dr Ranj and Janette were on tonight’s show

Cha Cha  2nd in the leaderboard. Pressure for next week because the score was so high week one.  Comments from the night, “Burst into the scene like a ray of sunshine” – Bruno. Syncopated Cuban break got a mention, as Head judge on the night said it looked like it belonged in the semi-final. 8 points from the Head Judge. Janette said it was the best time they did the routine.   Dr says the new number is faster, more complicated less time to do it. More pressure was given when the score Janette previously reached with that number with Jake Woods was mentioned, 35. The Dr works 12-hour shifts.

Dance for week 2 Salsa “Fireball Pitbull and John Ryan”

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018

Dr Ranj in training

In training Salsa, Dr Ranj has worked out this dance is “Freer,  can bend legs a bit more “. His pro partner said this dance is “fast and furious”– “Take a bit of work ” Ranj is being pushed to work his “socks off ” so that he can get it right on the night.

Waite’s Warm Up

 Dr Ranj analysis

Salsa, they had latin last week so it will help them a bit. Similar dynamics. Good commitment facial expressions and intent. Ian would like to see him, loosen the hip action. Ian demonstrates the move to aim for a figure 8, not just side to side.

Other Trivia about the contestant

The Star is 5ft 6

Products: Uses Kevin Murphy Session spray for his hair

Family Roots, Sikh culture family connections with Punjab India

Known for the show “Get Well Soon” on CBeebies, also appearing on “Save Money Good Health”.

He has created online videos to help children health which saved more than a few lives.

Dr Ranjit Singh is a real NHS clinician specialising in Children’s health in London’s Hospitals.

He discusses medical issues on “This Morning” Tv with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby

He gave a personal interview  with Attitude Magazine in 2016

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

The Friday Panel Alex Zane, Gemma Atkinson, Biggins. Janette is basically Queen of Latin they were saying and Ranj has good hip action. Ranjit’s constant smiling face another noted asset.   Dr Ranj also spoke with Gethin Jones, on how great it was to get those scores, but it is more pressure to keep that up and they had less time to prepare this week. He said the rehearsal is very different when you go on the real dance floor in the television studio.

Week two Showtime 29th September 2018

Salsa  Music   ‘Fireball’ by Pitbull feat. John Ryan

Comments before the performance, how the lifts require upper body strength, which Ranjit says he doesn’t have much of. His dance partner reiterates that she has to put her life in his hands, how they are such good mates. The Dr was not feeling that confident over this dance.

Outfits & Hair Loud outfit of the night

Where to start with this, Fabric inferno Duo. Ranjit was in a two-toned black and red glistening type fabric with fluted ruffles. Janette had a two piece cropped top and short skirt with a deep criss-cross bodice like a wrap front ruffle too black and red. Unfortunately, Janette had a wardrobe malfunction a strip of the skirt was being persistent in catching her heel and wouldn’t break free. They kept on going. Dr Ranjit kept calm and carried on.

Judges Scoring: Craig (c), Dame Darcey  (DD), Shirley (s), Bruno ( B)

Scores:               C-5         DD-6      S-7          B-6           Total 24

Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                                           Total 51

Comments from the Judges

Craig  “A lot more basic salsa and figure 8s, they were missing,” agreed it was hot enough when asked the question.

Darcey  “Spice, hot dr, not even put off by the malfunction, million dollar smile”

Shirley  Some back and replace steps were missing, some good things, and personality, head judge said. ” how you coped with the dress deserves a 10″

Bruno “Firecracker, energy passion, careful in the Salsa, have to have hips,” Dr Ranjit said he is getting old.

Hangerlondon verdict:

Impressive keep calm carry on with a wardrobe malfunction.  Loudest outfits of the night. We laughed at the sarcasm that Dr Ranjit expired as he was recovering to catch his own breath, just as the host said Fireball to him, he said something along the lines of – more like he needs a Fire extinguisher.


Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Natalie Lowe  strictly professional dancer in Choreography corner

Discussion about the wardrobe malfunction. Natalie stated that Janette can get herself out of anything. How Ranjit partnered her well, with a lot of trust between the couple. Commendable to be in a split second keep going, as non-dancers wouldn’t know or be trained what to do in such a situation,  “Love It”,  was Natalie’s final summary on the couple.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Wednesday 3rd  October  2018

Dr Ranjit and Janette were on tonight’s show

The Dr was asked about the wardrobe malfunction and how he found that performance, is he a good actor as he carried on. He stated he is not a good actor, he was having a blast and so much fun. He said he had done a bit of a double take when he caught a sight that something might have gone astray with the costume, carried on. Janette said she was just thinking over and over “You do you, I do me” She also said he carried on, “and smashed the lift”. Then Zoe asked what did Janette make about the fact they were told there was not much salsa content in there. She stated that the Pro’s are protective of their partners and like to focus on the partners better skills. He could shimmy and shake well. She also said that the costumes were following the inspiration from the film “Blades of Glory”.  Janette also mentioned how the Artist Pitbull who sang the tune to their routine on Saturday, came from the same small Cuban town in Miami as she herself was born and raised in. Janette said, “To finally be able to dance to that song with my homeboy, is a dream come true”.

Next dance Movie week Quickstep to a song from the film Aladdin, Prince Ali.

Dr Ranjit said now this is his dream come true, as he has always been a fan of Aladdin. They revealed someone will be entering the dance floor on an elephant. Training is good, it is the first time the DR will be doing ballroom. The ballroom is tough Janette said and the quickstep tough as a first-time ballroom dance.

week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

Outfits and Hair

Judges Comments



It Takes Two week 3  10th Wednesday, October 2018

Ranjit and Janette were on tonight’s show

The couple were one point away from being bottom of the leaderboard, they all reflected on what it was like to be the last but one called for the dance-off on Sunday, petrifying shock experience.

Janette is a massive Disney fan, we worked this out from her social media and this is what she confirmed on the show. She was very happy that she got to play Jasmin from Aladdin. Janette stated that the Quickstep is a very hard dance for someone’s first ballroom. He had 3 days to learn, steps, hold and keep smiling. Apparently, it was the first of Bruno’s classic fall off routine, of the season as he was disagreeing with another judge.

They went on to play a game of identifying the word, is it a medical term or dance term. “Ranjit’s Dance Diagnosis”  Pica- medical, Jumping Frenchman – medical, Banderillas -dance.

It Takes Two week 3 Thursday 11th October 2018

Vicky Gill Costume Designer

Had a drawing of a male Paso outfit, that Ranjit will be wearing, black with deep purple and amethyst crystals. embellishment designs down the legs and on the torso.

Ian Waite commentary about training

Ian said, some good and bad, “Looks like he is delivering Pizza”. Suggests that Ranjit keeps the shape, the front and back arm needs to have shape and space in front and behind, and he demonstrated this.

Here is a video clip we thought suitable from Strictly archive Pasha strictly Pro dancer, demonstrating Paso Doble.

Next Dance Paso to the music from the film Desperado – Cancion del Mariachi by Los Lobos.

Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

OutFits and Hair

black suit Dr Ranjit wore, had a full jacket with purple sparkly embellished arms, a triangle of the same decor on the top of the back and shoulders, and down the sides of the arms and legs. Purple underneath and this black lace and purple brocade type texture, very effective.

Janette in a full gipsy white split skirt long, and a large fish net bodice in black and white. Headband with a flower and braid black purple.

27 Points

Judges Comments


“this week you show us a serious side, no mistakes, beautiful basic, beautiful releve, congratulations for the technique you put into it,  very very good, improved on last week ”


“Senior Singh, you really sell it to me, all that masochism didn’t know was in there and  you expressed it well  ( “neither did I”, said Dr Ranjit) needs to pull more out of the hips more keep shoulders down, Bruno also liked a bit of the Flamenco that was in there.

Dame Darcey

“What a nice surprise, real signs of a true matador, focus, intense drama”, nice footwork, “Improve the Spanish line, more curve pelvis forward” “My goodness quiet liked that”.


“I felt like it wasn’t danced, I felt like you were deliberately being placed, you did really really well.”

HangerLondon Verdict

The Dr always puts in the effort and keeps giving it good attitude, has stepped it up from last week, cool outfit. No need for a cape with that outfit and Janette can make any routine or garment swish. Good Come dancing viewing Olé!


Showtime 20th October Saturday 2018


Week 5 Dance  American Smooth – Music ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ by The Beach Boys

25 points


Dr Ranj was dressed in a pale sky blue theme,  blue shoes too, sky blue and white stripe shirt, bow tie with a pattern. Sky blue braces.. Janette had a halter style top to her dress outfit, coral with white circular patterns on it that shimmered. Matching colour hair band. The skirt was a plain pale sheer colour of white and coral lots of underskirt and floaty layers.

Judges Comments


“Feel the joy, beautiful sunny way to bring us into today’s show, comfortable in frame, lovely footwork.”


Alfonso does the action of standing up and expressions like Bruno would. Stated it is hard to start a show. “You deliver, great job, best dance yet”


“Lumpy in the hold could have been smoother, lack bit of leadership, but I Loved the routine.”

Dame Darcey

Improvement on the quickstep, you come out of hold when travelling backwards, beautiful lifts, ”


HangerLondon Verdict

It was nice to see an American smooth have an upbeat song and theme. The couples joined arm movements into lifts were pleasant, and where they did a skippy footstep in time with the music and each other.  Believable delicate lifts as opposed to stunt circus. Plus although the male does not perform floaty lifts as the female dance partners do, it is the man that still has to time and execute them.

Week 6 Halloween Next song and Dance – Jive to ‘Monster Mash’ by Bobby Pickett

Show Time Week 6 Halloween Week 27th October 2018 Saturday

Week 6 Halloween  Dance – Jive to ‘Monster Mash’ by Bobby Pickett

Week 7 Showtime 3rd November Saturday 2018

Week 7 Dance and song   Samba to Freedom 90 by George Michael


Points 27

Outfits and Hair

Firework theme. Both had face makeup or sticker design on the side of the eyes to look like firework sparks. Janette was in a short tasselled dress with loads of different streams of colour, baby blue, yellow, peach, pinks. A hair band to match.

Dr Wore a purple shirt with sparkled lines of firework embellishment spraying out over the shirt.

Judges Comments


“Definitely better than last week, you commanded, better technique on the walks, snippets of nice technique, thrilled”.

Dame Darcey

“IT was a good comeback”, Dame Darcey answered the question from Tess.  ” You sold it, tiny if you blinked mistake, you recovered, you have some natural bounce, tendency to knock the knees”.


“Flamboyant fun dazzled by your dentistry, between that and the eyebrows, the bounce was good, you got so into it”.


“You did find a groove that actually suits you, darling, Volta needs work, the sort that out, enjoy watching you”.

HangerLondon Verdict

It looked more like the Dr was at ease with this dance and the costume was less restrictive. Good Saturday night showpiece from a person with no previous experience. Costume theme of fireworks was good, as the floor lighting turned into a catherine wheel when Janette was spun around the floor. The Outfits that matched and makeup on the face kept that firework theme up, as well as a spark from the George Michael Music.

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