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(Retired) 11/11/18 Danny John-Jules and Amy Dowden

Radio Times Interview 20th September 2018

First Performance Foxtrot  to the theme tune of Topcat



Strictly – It takes two Monday week one 24th September 2018

Erin Boag, Choreography Corner.

The professional dancer from previous seasons was on the show to give comments about this seasons contestants.

Danny is described as having a lot of Potential.

Strictly – “It Takes Two”   Week 1 Tues 25th September 2018

Danny and Amy Where on the Show

Foxtrot, ” Panache” – Bruno, on the night.   Head judge said, “ He gave it 100 per cent, she’s in Looove”. Good musical timing, good lead. Chat about the cramps foot soreness, commonplace in dancers. Wearing in the new shoes for the show in only just one day. He is very flexible from doing Gymnastics at school. Oldest contestant this year 58.  Week 2 CHA CHA CHA. Every type of cha step will be included, to impress judges.

Next dance week 2  Cha Cha Music “Your Loving Arms” Billie Ray Martin.

Strictly- “It Takes Two” week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Ian Waite in
Waite’s Warm-up.


Showmanship and Energy praised on the night, for his Foxtrot. But he needs to look at his feet. Ian suggests to slow down the ending of the spin, use less power, in order to be able to finish spot on. A good technique for spotting, lovely spin. The Check move, keep knees together
Next dance week 2 Cha Cha

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

The Friday panel Biggins, Gemma Atkinson, Alex Zane

Biggins is impressed with Danny, the footwork, rhythm.

We see some of Danny in training, he says the “Sharp leg action” in the cha cha the cheeky personality lot of things going on, even as swift as he looks moving about he used the word “Underpressure”.

Week two Showtime 29th September 2018


Cha Cha Cha   Music ‘Beggin’ by Madcon

Comments before the performance reflected on how they have a lot to live up to because of the good scores and comments last week. Also, how Danny struggles with the counting, it’s risky and technical. ” This week all the talking stops, some are going home this week and it ain’t going to be me”- Danny.


Danny had a light grey suit waistcoat and white shirt with a strip and rolled up sleeves, dark green tie. Amy stood poised wrapped in a dark grey looking a silky bit of fabric and emerged wearing an emerald bright green and darker green, short dress, with a tasselled shimmery skirt.  Her Brunette glossy hair was in a half up half down style curly.

Judges Scoring: Craig (C), Dame Darcey (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores: C- 7     D-  7       S-   7    B- 7    = Total  28
Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                     Total 55
Comments from the Judges

Craig (C) “Tight absolutely fantastic, I’m trying to recall it all”

Darcey (DD) “Pushing this Man, New Yorkers,  that speed fabulous, posture extraordinary”

Shirley (S) “The Most amazing vertical line” Comments about the static standing leg having to go somewhere and to work on rhythm.

Bruno (B) “There was more content there than..Every single step as sharp as a razor”.

Hangerlondon verdict:

Sophisticated, the couple looked marvellous together, good storytelling, good tune good moves.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Natalie Lowe, strictly professional dancer Choreography Corner

What Natalie noticed and “What stood out, squeaky clean, all she wanted to do was watch Amy”. This Natalie said means the male lead is doing his job. There was one time when they did not connect the hands slightly missed it. Perhaps slightly less content next time was the closing verdict.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Wednesday 3rd  October  2018

Danny and Amy were on tonight’s show.

Zoe said her parents are obsessed with Danny, he is their favourite. Apparently, the couple had not managed to get the routine right even at dress rehearsal. He had “Nailed it Thursday,”, Amy said, but things fell apart after that. So he delivered it on the night. Zoe said no one would have guessed. Danny said it is great getting the high scores, but in reality, it means more hard work next week. He claims he has had his hissy fits and toys out pram moments. He also said that the Cha Cha gives people this butt pain, like a muscular lump like a cricket ball. Unfortunately, every move in this weeks dance the Paso, aggravates that pain.

Amy said she is super pleased. She knows Danny is having problems with posture, the bottom pain. He will be opening the routine on his own for 30 seconds. She herself will be arriving on the dancefloor, something special planned, that is secret till the night. Danny’s family he said are supercritical they always want to see footage of the dance practices, with comments like “be better”.

Next dance will be the Paso Doble for movie week their film inspiration will be The Greatest Showman, and the music “The Greatest Show”.

week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

Dance  Paso Doble  Film inspiration will be The Greatest Showman, and the music “The Greatest Show”.

Outfits and Hair

Starting with Amy a lilac pink rinse updo hairdo, with a long gown in the same lilac pink pastel colour, with lots of ruffles at the bottom of the skirt area. Split skirt.

Danny White bell sleeves fitted vintage style military waistcoat with rows of gold style brocade and small detail buttons. Black trousers with a red stripe down the side. Wand /cane. Black Top Hat.

Judges comments


“Respect taking on Hugh Jackman in that size of a number, I’m telling you-you sold it, you really did” “Great Number, great dancing” I have to say hair makeup costumes, excuse me how good?!”…Fantastic, ”


I thought it was a little bit stiff, missed a lot of Spanish lines, head too high, chest needs to be further down, almost pushing forward, timing issues, incident, shoes got stuck, off time in the beginning, it wasnt…brilliant.

Dame Darcey

“Forget what Craig was just saying, That was a Full routine, ground shaking, we were side on,.. your flexibility, the wand you used in your back, you leant back in “this” position it was extraordinary, the moves, shapes.” Suggested he reserve some energy lot going on, then he can prepare for when Amy approaches and he will not be taken by surprise, which can be seen in the body, if that is gone, that’s a Show, Dame Darcey said. ” I want to see that again actually.”


“wonderful showman for the best show on earth for strictly”.
“you did amazing”, “moments were u collided a little bit it, needs to go a little bit smoother”, “did quite well in Paso as it is a marching dance don’t need a lot of rhythm”. ” I love your command of your whole being you are so sophisticated for me. ”

HangerLondon Verdict

This guy puts himself through some paces, the Pro looks like she is exactly the same, they totally work that dancefloor & stage, like ringmasters,  good entertainment.




It Takes Two Week 3 Thursday 11th October 2018

Vicky Gill Costume Designer

Previewed Amy’s dress in the colour of Gold for the Viennese Waltz.  Full circle skirt with layers as in underskirt layers, not tiers. Gold netting on the top. Jewels in gold on the bodice with a diagonal shelf of fabric going across. It has a “Vegas Feel” to it so the designer was saying. The plan is for the embellishment to fade into the skirt.

Viennese Waltz Demo

From Strictly archive with Pasha Pro strictly dancer demonstrating

Next Dance  Viennese Waltz to I’ve Gotta Be Me by Sammy Davis Jnr.

Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

Dance  Viennese Waltz to I’ve Gotta Be Me by Sammy Davis Jnr.

27 points

OutFits and Hair

Amy wore the gold-themed full skirt dress as described on Thursday, beaded on the top and a gold net on top of the skirt layers. Amy had a slight beehive updo, with a diamante hair embellishment.

Danny wore a black suit with a gold tie that had a black design on top. Gold handkerchief in the top pocket.
Judges Comments


“for a 58 man looking so young,  with  a beautiful shoulder line, ” “step forward drive on the heel wasn’t consistent but it was the sidestep that took it for me  on the ball then closed your feet, impressive, the  drive on one musical accent on  2 and 5 quite well not consistent all the way through, but    definitely a step in the right direction well done”


“Always a solid performer, his arms like a wind turbine” “you def filled the space even when you made a space you covered it that was meant to be, you do have the skills and you are able to push it even further, don’t plateau you will be able to surprise us and go for it”

Dame Darcey

” looking at your musicality, how you started was divine, you have one of the best postures in the competition that is so beautiful that line, it’s just as you get in hold its divine, its just when you get into a rotation, as Craig was saying if you just relax those knees it would take off. You have all the goods to be at the top of this competition.


“Over expressive hands actually”. Craig said he normally hasn’t had to say that before.  Too Floral, you are adding little bits that fuzz the edges a little too much,  using your frame too much to time, it is a little bit skippy,  you are creating chassis in there that make it go up and down. keep it smooth flat level. I Love the rotation, your thumb darling it was sticking up”

HangerLondon Verdict

The male part is the leading role it is more of a challenge as he must lead the female, there should be a best female celeb and best male celeb. This man is a consistent performer each week he delivers something sincere something old school, committed.

Showtime 20th October Saturday 2018

Week 5 Dance Jive- Music  ‘Flip, Flop and Fly’ by Ellis Hall

37 Points

First Ten of the series


Both dressed up to pilots 40s theme. Danny had the leather skull cap and goggles. Light sand grey colour long sleep pullover, white fringe scarf tied around the neck to one side, loose brown trousers. Amy had a 40s theme two piece shorts and crop top number on in red with white band waistband section to the top and the shorts. Hair was in two victory rolls one either side and the back.

Judges Comments

3 of the judges stood up to give Danny an ovation, apart from Craig.


“It was pretty   Good!,     young sir, you came out that was flying, feet sharp, energy great, mother earth is where the power comes from, you used it that time baby”.


That is a dance I think for the final”

Dame Darcey

“Extraordinary, precision, feet, kicks and flicks felt it was ah…” Dame Darcey…stood up.


“You broke the seal, you are on your way up, Absolutely Amazing”.

HangerLondon Verdict

Like we have said before, the man keeps on delivering a show dance, nifty kicks and flicks footwork, the side leg lift wow,

Week 6 Halloween Next  Dance and Song American Smooth to ‘Spirit In The Sky’ by Doctor and the Medics


Show Time Week 6 Halloween Week 27th October 2018 Saturday

Week 6 Halloween  Dance and Song American Smooth to ‘Spirit In The Sky’ by Doctor and the Medics


Points 30

Outfits and hair

Danny wore burgundy trousers a pinstripe waistcoat and puff long sleeve white shirt. the black and silver pinstripe fabric had silvery two-tone effects. Amy wore white long skirt layers and a white fringed 3/4 length sleeve top. Hair was high up like an old-fashioned beehive of the 18th C.

Judges Comments


“Consistency is key, beautiful arms and hands, lift executed well, nice footwork, bit bumpy here and there, Mr consistency”

Dame Darcey

“softened the knees this week, such an improvement, care on the dismount of the lifts, improvement this is your best ballroom”


“Danny I missed you, dead or alive showmanship, command of the stage great”.


“Smoothing this dance out, a bit too much staccato, lack grace, you have musicality, nothing can take that away from you,  Shirley is right it needed more flow”

HangerLondon Verdict

Danny had stated pre-performance this was the first time he was doing these kinds of lifts.  Claudia and Amy had also stated after the dance that she had a foot injury so she thanked Danny for taking extra care, you wouldn’t even tell. The couple do deliver a show dance each week.

Week 7 Showtime 3rd November Saturday 2018

Week 7 Dance and song

Quickstep to Freedom by Pharrell Williams

Points 22

Week 8 Showtime 10th November 2018 Saturday

Week 8 Dance and Song


Samba to Feels Like Home by Sigala, Fuse ODG, Sean B Paul, Kent Jones.

27 points

Outfits and hair

A coral theme, red and carnival colours striped colours and patterns to Danny’s shirt red coral trousers. Matching the coral ra ra tiered shimmy style short dress Amy wore with a red belt.

Judges Comments


” Dominican express – be very careful 1 thing Samba cannot be too sharp or too staccato, needs loose soft bounce. ”


” thought it was spikey, stiff, lack fluidity, too much energy in your dances ( which Craig says he never usually has to complain to people about this)

Dame Darcey

“No mistakes, fabulous dance content, well done Amy, would love more undulation, softer bounce, direct that energy, fabulous to watch you perform.”


“Complete improvement from last week, Hip roll that is what fluidity is, bounce quiet good, great on track.”


HangerLondon Verdict

Looked like it was a break from other serious dances, and rollercoaster challenges.

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