News Bulletins from History

6th July

1952 The Last tram journey in London arrived at New Cross Depot in South East London.  The Tram had an advertising banner saying “Last Tram Week” Many crowds came out to cheer . In 1901 the first electric trams appeared on the streets of London. Prior to this horse drawn trams were used which started in …

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4th July

American Independence, expatriates in London mark this occasion, fireworks attending celebrations. At Home England was celebrating a mile stone of its own 1954 saw the end of food rationing in Britain which had gone on for 14 years, definate cause of a celebration. 1995 John Major wins leadership to remain head of the Conservative Party …

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3rd July

  1928 John Logie Baird demonstrates in London the first colour television transmission. 57 yrs in the Future from that date, The film release in 1985 “Back to the Future” starring Michael J. Fox directed by Robert Zemeckis The Theatre Trailer, milk initial flashing     The Soundtrack title track to this Film was “The Power …

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2nd July

  1687 King james the II disbands Englands Parliament 2005 Live concert  “Live8”  performed around the world in at least 10 major cities,  to tackle poverty in Africa ahead of the G8 summit about global poverty. London Saw artists perform such as Coldplay, Elton John, Madonna, Pink Floyd, Robbie Williams, Richard Ashcroft,REM U2, Jonathan Ross, …

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1 July

1997 Hong Kong was given back to the Chinese after more than 150 yrs of being under British Control.   BBC coverage of the event Prince Charles contains some flash photography   Estée Lauder 1906-2004 was born on this date as was Lady Diana Spencer, Princess Diana 1961-1997