Ashley Roberts and Pasha Kovalev

Ashley Roberts is a Popstar and TV Presenter, partnered with Pasha Kovalev who started dancing form the age of 8

The Strictly Come Dancing daily diary

Radio Times Interview 20th September 2018

First Performance Viennese Waltz to “Perfect”

It Takes Two Strictly Week 1 Tues 25th September 2018

Erin Boag Choreography corner

Good storytelling tips to improve frame, demo which looked easy for Erin to do.

Strictly- “It  Takes Two”  week 1 Wednesday 26th September

Ashley and Pasha were on tonight’s show

Next dance Cha cha week 2. “Boogie Wonderland –Earth Wind and Fire”

Joint top on the leaderboard. Pussycat judged as,  “Beautiful, Gorgeous, musical ear, footwork, graceful arm work”. Ashley said she wanted to connect with partner and audience, tell the story. She said she was nervous. Pasha’s quote “I feel jealous of myself, getting to dance with her”. Improvements on the frame were acknowledged.

A little taste of disco, not over spicing it as other couples last week were being told off about this. Ashley said it is intense in training. Reminders of previous scores by Pasha for a similar dance, two 39’s and a 40.

What is a booty pop? Since Ashley was caught doing it in rehearsal but it will not be allowed in the cha-cha performance Pasha said! A demo was given. Ashley said the steps to learn are overwhelming at times. She said her partner is good at helping her to “Namaste out”.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 1  Thursday 27th September 2018

Vicky Gill section the Strictly Costume Designer

An exclusive look at week 2 garments, wardrobe

 Ashley’s wk 2 outfit

A Two piece very small outfit, that consist of a short skirt, and cropped top. Beaded jewels, heavy. Will shine and reflect light. It is Disco themed

500 beads on the top alone. Labrador stones on the bottom,  gold crystal AB on the top that reflects lots of light.

We at HangerLondon looked into what Labrador is all about,  a name for a particular type of jewelled colour and cut of a flat based rhinestone, that these sparkly embellishments come in.  Labrador seems to be the highest quality 16 facet maximum shine and sparkle.

Waite’s Warm-up analysis of Ashley

Cheeky cha cha cha, compact, not much to critic about, however, Ian always finds something. Suggestion to put her heel down on Cuban brakes, straighten the knee.

Strictly -“It Take’s Two” week 1  Friday 28th September 2018

The Friday panel is back with  Gemma Atkinson, previous contestant, Biggins and Alex Zane.

Zane said that Pasha’s comment about him being jealous of himself, makes him smile. Biggins suggests this fast number they are practising is close to her pop life.

Week two Showtime 29th September 2018

 Cha Cha Cha

‘Boogie Wonderland’ by Earth, Wind and Fire

We saw the completed two-piece outfit to what we had seen in the preparatory stages during  “It Takes Two”,  wardrobe preview. It was so shimmery the colour of a silver crystal glitterball. Shirt skirt and cropped top covered in sparkly jewels. Hair very voluminous and curly. Pasha was wearing black slim fit trousers, black vest with an open shirt over the top that was in the same glitterball silvery shimmery colour as Ashley’s outfit.

Judges Scoring: Craig (C), Dame Darcey (DD), Shirley (S), Bruno (B)

Scores: C-8   DD -8       S-7        B-9 = Total 32

Wk1 + wk 2 scores                                  Total  61                        Top of this weeks Leader Board

Comments from the Judges


Craig (C) “You’re Good Darling”

Dame Darcey (DD) “lively, bright, fast learner, that speed, musicality very successful”

Shirley (S) “Energy upstairs outstanding,” Comments about the state of the upstanding leg.

Bruno (B) “Amazing Cha Cha Disco, Your hips honey they don’t lie they tell me fabulous things.

Hangerlondon verdict: Glitterball of the elements, wonder disco.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Tuesday 2nd October  2018

Natalie Lowe, strictly professional dancer Choreography Corner

Stated Ashley’s Cha Cha was one of the best. Judges comments are to make her work harder. She could watch her perform all night, great leg action especially in the travelling forward section during the last performance.

Strictly – It Takes Two week 2  Wednesday 3rd  October  2018

Waites Warm up with Ian Waite Strictly Professional Dancer

Armography,  he was impressed and we saw in slow mo, the couple rehearsing a complicated set of arm moves.

Next Dance Salsa inspired for the film Dirty Dancing, Music “I’ve had the time of my life”.

week 3 Showtime Movie week 6th October 2018

 Dance Salsa inspired for the film Dirty Dancing, Music “I’ve had the time of my life” by Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley

Score points 35

Outfits and Hair

Ashley: Wonderful halterneck style pearlised pastel pink nipped in waist dress with a full skirt that had front splits. The hem of the skirt had ombre paint shade, like a dark ink rising up in points to make it look like a shadow of triangles every so often. embellishment of sparkles across the front bodice. Short curly style similar to the theme of the film.

Judges Comments

Dame Darcey

“You can sell a dance, totally fearless”. Dame Darcey stated how she has had to do that lift, and she knows the core strength needed. “determination, timing tick all the boxes, for me clean”.


Head judge said she is a Huge Dirty Dancing Fan and also Patrick Swayze. “You did that number absolute justice, lifts, rotations, timing outstanding.”


“Brilliant, so clever, put a few steps in from the Movie, but you made it your own, you hit every accent, purely sensational”


Stated back to Dame Darcey how he had also tried that lift in the past, ended up with a hernia!. Craig said it lacked a little rotation for him, in the hip. Craig was then interrupted as Bruno said “you can’t talk about straight legs”, Craig suggested to Bruno,  why doesn’t he fall off his chair again, to which Bruno responded, “That’s ok at least I still have my own hips” Craig cracked a smile!

HangerLondon Verdict:

“and we felt this magical fantasy”- lyrics from the Dirty Dancing theme tune
Original choreography slide showcasing a montage of the films dance moves and strictly owning the dirty dance floor..and achieving that lift. Too busy watching Ashley to even notice what Pasha was wearing but you always know he is there a good flashback to 80s cult classic memory lane.

It Takes Two  October 10th  week 3 Wednesday 2018

Ashley and Pasha were on tonight’s

Ashley stated the energy in the studio on Saturday night was “yea”. They won their highest score so far that night. They reflected on how important it was to do that lift, and Zoe congratulated the couple on holding that lift so long and he was able to turn a bit, with a graceful dismount.

Next Week Tango

More drama, moody, sass, darker. Ashley said that it is a “dive into another facet of your personality, ” Each week they get to do something else. The theme around their dance is the game of Chess. Pasha being a pawn trying to get to the side to become the Queen. He dismissed comments, by saying it was a technical term, and yes he really can play chess. Meanwhile, Ashley said there is so much “Stuff”, content transfer of weight, and how they have to do all this together.

It Takes Two Thursday 11th October 2018

Training comments from Ashley: “So much content, so many direction changes, where am I, top line shoulders”. Ashley also said that she wants to deliver it right.

Vicky Gill, Strictly Costume Designer was on tonight’s show

Vicky thanked all her team as Zoe and she reminisced how great movie week is to do and how there is always last minute panics.

Ashleys dress for the Tango

will be a long red multi-step layered skirt, very Spanish looking. PVC top based on a leotard shape, nude mesh to help with the shaping.  Light amount of Siam crystals on the top part near the neck red in colour.


Next Dance for Week 4 Tango Music  Taylor’s Swift’s ” Look What You Made Me Do”.

Week 4 Show Time  13th October 2018

Dance – Tango Music  Taylor’s Swift’s ” Look What You Made Me Do”

The 2nd highest score of the Night 32 points

Out Fits and Hair

Ashley had a long dress, as described by the costume designer on Thursday. The Red dress had several tiered layers to the skirt, PVC top. Black, shoes and eyeliner. Beaded black necklaces draped across the front bodice, and red beaded necklaces draped across the back of the dress.  Hair was slicked back into a braided half updo half down.

Pasha had black with red brogue shoes. Black shirt with an emblem bit of bling on the chest, black PVC armband. Red tie, black shirt and trousers.


Judges Comments


“No mistake about your ability for sure”, Shirley said that Ashley was bouncing off a bit from the male partner, a little more stillness required. “Generally congratulations”.


“Checkmate, the red queen takes it all you stood up to him, you were not just the little girl to be thrown around the dance floor, you were as much in control as he was, loved the attitude”

Dame Darcey

“You give 100% you start well, it’s just the 2nd half”, “We lose that beautiful neck”.


“Stacatto, “so much energy “. Craig also said that he was not so sure if he was fond of the ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango together, but in the end he, “Loved it”.

HangerLondon Verdict

Costume department does a good job, but the tiered skirt too distracting to see what was going on with Tango Leg action. Enjoy watching the couple, Pacha is one the best pro males Strictly has to offer,  but the song just did not seem to fit the usual Tango mood or the outfits. Anyone able to dance to that song and combine styles should get a clap.


It Takes Two  15th October 2018 Monday


Vincent Simone strictly professional dancer was on to talk Choreography on tonight’s show.

Vincent said it was good to mix both styles of Tango. He said the couples dance had passion, drama but he was not totally happy with the Ganchos. He did a demo. Vincent said two points of contact to look at. The toe contact with the floor should not break away until there is contact with the partner’s thigh, then the toe can come off the floor, otherwise, it causes gaps.

Showtime 20th October Saturday 2018

Week 5 Dance  Rumba – Music  ‘Something About The Way You Look Tonight’ by Elton John

36 points


Colour was a dark midnight navy. Ashley had a long sleek dress with side front splits. Long fitted sleeves and a wavy set of wide lines in a pattern that were embellished with same colour glitter sequin effect. Hair, very long extensions matching her own colouring and part updo.

Pasha was in matching the colour part open shirt with black sequin glitter effect embellishment in bands on the front and back.

Judges Comments

Dame Darcey

“Trust is getting stronger between you two, builds”, “resistance through the feet, that was lovely”.


Head judge said she felt like a kid in a candy shop. “Spirals beautiful, timing lovely, spins took me years and years to perfect you did it in 3 days, agree on some with Darcey, sliding doors at the end stilted a little – but to deliver that Rhumba – I applaud you”.


“You get to feel the push-pull passion, happiness, delivered slowness strength and control I loved it”


“I loved that passion A  ma Zing  Brilliant.”

HangerLondon Verdict

Outfits were stunning, believable story to the dance, looked very polished.

Halloween Week 6 next song and Dance Charleston to ‘Witch Doctor’ by Don Lang


Show Time Week 6 Halloween Week 27th October 2018 Saturday

Halloween Week 6  Dance Charleston to ‘Witch Doctor’ by Don Lang

points 39

Outfits and Hair

Ashley was in a candy pink and lilac looking glossy short bob wig. A pink tight catsuit on top of which was a puffed out short dress with a pudding bowl type skirt and strapless looking top. Stripes of glitter sequins purple, green, pink, lilac. Sneaker high top converse trainers.

Pasha was padded out with a green potbelly, on top blue and white stripe long sleeve T-shirt, and green trousers. Red and blue striped socks.

Judges comments

Dame Darcey

“Terrific contrast to last week, all these details, in and out, arms, loved everytime you got a spell”


“One of the best choreography routines I’ve ever seen, outstanding choreography, you are outstanding, absolutely in synch fantastic”


Ashtonishing, magical spellbinding musical comedy Charleston one of the best twinkly moments of the season”


“Swivelishious Darling”

HangerLondon Verdict

Whilst judges get stricter as the competition gets more competitive and tougher. We have to be realistic too. Ashley Roberts is known for being in a burlesque style dance routine pop group. Also for being in commercials and alongside other music artists. No stranger to performing, starting dance lessons as a small child.  Whilst her moves from week to week are impeccable we have to classify this contestant in the appropriate level for her class of prior experience. They thanked the Choreographer behind this weeks, Charleston Alan. It was an entertaining routine taking the horror out of halloween and bringing back some charm to it.


week 7 Dance and Song

Foxtrot to Orange Coloured Sky by Natalie Cole

Points 39

Outfits and Hair

Ashley wore a fitted bodice dress with drop waisted skirt Fushia pink and the bodice was embellished with sparkly patterns that looked like they could be in the outline shapes of elongated pointed ovals in the colours of autumn leaves and silvery crystals. The embellishment formed pointed jaggard sections at its hemline that then sprayed out, onto the plain flowing fabric of the skirt. Which stook out on its own at the bottom like a fixed full skirt. Her hair was wavy long and pinned back on one side with an Aqua blue flower shaped diamante looking hair clip, very Hollywood pin-up era.

Pasha wore a purple waistcoat matching trousers, a white shirt that had colourful butterfly pattern.


Judges Comments


Head judge was on her feet clapping. ” Exquisite Classic Foxtrot and I found it very difficult to find a foot error ..and I was looking, you were lovely”

Dame Darcey

“You have made it your own, my goodness,  the confidence, unbelievable difficult amount of content, the challenge, you pushed her and you came up to the bait and took it”



“That was a proper foxtrot, no tricks no gimmicks, pure and unadulterated, I Loved it ”



It was like Ashley Rogers and pasha Astaire in classic glamourous Hollywood  splendour delicious down to  every detail flawless


HangerLondon Verdict

The show features mixed abilities of dancer skills, some with no previous experience or schooling or training.

It was like watching a professional set of dancers showcase all the moves of a Foxtrot so it does make sense what the judges were saying.

However not only has the bar been placed high for other dancers, but also for the couple themselves. So it seems the content bar, has been pushed to a higher level too, which is why we saw more details.

Pros being graded differently to Novices

We make a mental note of separating votes for professionally trained or previously experienced dancers and total novice dancer contestants on the show.  It would be nice if they could be graded differently.

Males being graded differently to Women

The other point we have often thought, about is having a celebrity male winner and celebrity Female winner. The skills are different and in a real competition they mark a couple as a whole who are both competitors. Here is it just one celebrity. In sporting competitions, men and women are awarded separately. It was a nice traditional watch and the Foxtrot is classic, it is also quite difficult to get flawless, without some skill level, and made to look effortless.




Week 8 Showtime 10th November 2018 Saturday

Week 8 Dance and Song

Couples Choice -Contemporary to “Unsteady” – Eric Lee Gravity Remix by x Ambassadors

39 Points top of the leaderboard

Outfits and Hair

Ashley wore a burgundy sheer fabric floaty uneven hem ballet style straps over shorts that were under the dress all Burgundy. Ponytail crown section braided side sections swept back. Pasha wore plain light grey

Judges Comments


“I think you spoke for everybody in the country who lost someone. It was sincere, beautiful, your dad would be very proud”


“Absolutely super, incredible elevations, extensions. Would have liked to have seen a little more breath, as you are allowed to do it in Contemporary, especially at the end and centre part, difficult to find anything else wrong with it. ” Craig compared how in ballroom one is not meant to show the breathing.


“That was a Hauntingly beautiful  tribute danced to perfection, Flawless”

Dame Darcey

“I disagree, so much breath, so unusual, strength and flexion, dynamic and soften, those jetties, beautiful, took my breath away, every piece of music.”

HangerLondon Verdict

So this week Ashley mentioned how her father passed away and this dance was a tribute and musical professional influence he had on her. Also how she had been dancing since she was young. Whilst every week it is like looking at a professional dancer it still is a competition with people with no prior experience. The use of more pointed footwork and only a bit of the flexed feet that is permissible in Contemporary looked better than when you see these types of dances all flexed. It was nice interesting to watch. Nice idea to do some tribute during remembrance weekend.


On It Takes Two 14/11/18 Waite’s warm-up mentioned how Ashley and Pasha will be attempting Tollgate turns. Where both partners turn around each other, very fast, but so that one is looking at the back of the person by the time the other flips around. Shirley Ballas head judge in her competition days had a reputation for being able to do these well. We found an old clip on youtube 1989. Also, a Country dancing sample of Tollgate turns.




Week 9  Showtime 17th November Saturday 2018

Dance Jive –  Song: Shake Ya Tail Feather by The Blues Brothers

40 points the first time we See Craig use the 10 paddle!

Outfits and Hair

Blue and white panel short dress flared above the knee skirt. Hair given victory rolls 40s style. Pasha was wearing blue with a blue apron. Since they were in a chip shop theme.

Some of the Judges Comments

Dame Darcey 

“Fast, fantastic energy, attitude elevation on those kick ball changes you were floating”.


“Pushed the envelope, tollgate turns, swing into jive on form fantastic”




” Nothing fishy about that one, Black pool memorable dances, you just made history”

HangerLondon Verdict

Filled the extra large Ballroom stage, was like watching two professionals, even though Ashley has been dancing since a young age, it’s still a technical challenge to get it all right on the night.

Showtime 24th November Saturday Week 10

Dance and Song: Samba to Hot Hot Hot by Arrow

Score  36 for the dance alone and an extra 7 points for gaining 1st Place in the Lindy Hop total 43

Outfits and Hair

Ashley had her hair in a top of the crown ponytail somewhat in the style of the  “The Croydon Facelift”. Nude peach colour both were dressed in. Ostrich feather bustle bushy tailpiece for Ashleys short shaped fitted leotard showgirl type outfit, heavily embellished with beads and stones and tassel effect beading on the shoulders which gave a raining sparkler effect when doing shimmies.

Pasha in the same colour open shirt some matt plain sections to the shirt and some with what looked like individual stones same tone of colours all blending.




“She’s got me, she has blown all my fuses, hips isolation, Criminally good, hips are lethal weapons.”


” Hit it a little too hard, it became a little bit staccato, in this dance  you need to keep it moving, what you lack in the technique you certainly make up for in performance my darling.”

Dame Darcey

” We have learnt to expect so much from you,  you push the bar so high and the standard is going up and up and up you started beautifully the Samba rol was divine,   I’m going on  Craig’s side I would have loved a little more bounce and softness, to transfer, as you know , you know exactly how to sell a performance.


I thought it was a brilliant attempt at the shadow reverse roll, I thought you did very well,  I’m going with Craig and Darcey a little bit, Personality and the way you gyrate your body is second to none. it’s fantastic, but when you come to the Samba  when you take a step you never kill the knee the knee continues to soften and a slight pulse   it continues to move the whole time your legs,   like suspension it needs to be suspended a little bit hit a little bit and stop, other than that fantastic you did a great job. ”

The Audience booed during Craig, Dame Darcey and Shirley’s Comments. Tess said the comments were because they know she can take it.

HangerLondon Verdict

As we have said for other Samba / Salsa numbers it has been hard at times to work out what dance someone is doing or meant to be doing. Either because of technical overkill or under kill or a skill not being presented or a basic step not being portrayed.  Like Dame Darcey said the bar is pushed so high for this competitor by her own last score that it is a bit of a tightrope in the sense critique will be more forensic.

For us, it is like watching a professional couple in the interval act. Perhaps out of all the couples dances so far this being our least favourite but the seated spin Ashley did with one leg raised one bent in was impressive.  Sunday Results show unpredictable that Ashley would be in the dance-off, we commented upon this in the Strictly overflow updates.

Definitely not the bottom ranking dancer there so somewhat odd grading this week.

Past associations to when this song was used before on Strictly

Who could forget when this song was used in the past for a Salsa when Karen Hardy and Mark Ramprakash in 2006 danced and had to stop because of a dress malfunction and microphone loss. But Sir Bruce and Mark saved the moment and they were able to restart. It was a celebration that song that stuck with many and the couple went on to graph the trophy at the end of the season.

Below the link to Ashley and Pasha, we found a flashback to 2009 where pros vincent and Flavia perform their Samba. Flavia performs a spin standing on one leg and the other bent in.

Flavia and Vincent Strictly professionals perform a Samba in 2009

Tuesday 27/11/18 It Takes Two BBC 2

Erin Boag Strictly Pro dancer discussing Choreography was on tonights show.

Re: Ashley and Pashas Saturday Samba

” the best one that has ever graced the floor, the choreography was fantastic. ” Most people under dance so to over dance a compliment, she had everything in there and managed it superbly.”

Ashley and Pasha on tonight’s show

“You just never know”,  was Ashley’s reply,  whilst they were reflecting about being in the bottom two, last Sunday.  On the Night when it was announced they were in the bottom two, Ashley said to her partner,  ” Buddy Lets do this.”    Fans were in disbelief. Pasha said in every show series, over the years,  he has never escaped being at least once in the dance off. Hard to go against friends in the strictly family Ashley said. The Tuck and roll in the Samba are challenging Ashley confirmed.

Ashley said they added some of their Charleston lifts into the Lindyhop was fun to bring them back.

Musicals week, next week.

Grateful to be through to another week. Quickstep for week 11 a lot of content. Musical FUNNY GIRL will be their theme. The Song  “Don’t rain on my parade.” The song is huge, powerful. It’s been a few weeks since they did ballroom. Try to bring the song from the musical ” all to life”.  “Superfast”,  Pasha says.

Week 11 Showtime Musicals Week Saturday 1st December 2018

Quickstep to Don’t Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl


Points 38

Outfits and hair

Peach coral long dress, with several tiered layers to the skirt, long fitted sleeves and sparkly embellishment on the front bodice sections. Rows of black buttons in groups of 4 two up two down in rows of 6 down the front, to emulate the gown worn by Barbara Streisand in the Movie.

The wardrobe styling also a nod to the era the movie was set in, which was in the USA just prior to WW1.  Hair was in period style updo pinned and a hair band hair fascinator that looked like black feathers and or flowers.

Pasha in a black suit with a white carnation, white shirt black bow tie.

Some of the Judges Comments


” I agree with the right arm,  great performer, superstar, the choreography was too overloaded, too busy, needed some slower areas, still a lovely performance.”

Dame Darcey

” How you did not tire so demanding, so fast, clean accents, light, flawless, there was one straight arm relax it, I loved it.”


“This show was a smash hit on stage, a smash hit  at the movies, and a smash hit tonight here on strictly, the music required to provide a step in every nuance especially that final crescendo you can not ignore it, you have to go with it, you mastered it that sequence at the end was breathtaking. ”


“It certainly fast and certainly was furious and I love that actually, I know Shirley didn’t appreciate it but I think that’s probably why a bit of gapping, changing directions constantly which is really difficult isn’t it fantastic really.”

HangerLondon Verdict

Fast trouble is this dancer makes everything look light floating easy. Interesting comparing and contrasting Craig and Shirley’s comments. It looked busy, but so is that song from the movie and it was a tense confident song in the movie. The fact the judges seldom find any faults in Ashley’s performance shows some skill.

Show Time Strictly Come Dancing Semi-Final week 12 Saturday 8th December

Each couple will be performing two songs each for the Semi-Final


Paso Doble to Spectrum (Say My Name) by Florence + The Machine   (Dance 1)

American Smooth to Ain’t That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin  (Dance 2)

36 + 40 = 76 points

Judges Comments American Smooth by initial

“they were tricky, you made them beautiful unique, attitude shaping was lively, knee-high, effortless transitions, glamorous fluid arms, a  success for me”


“great balance between American smooth part and foxtrot part absolute stunning on every level. ”


“that wasnt an American smooth that was an American splendour that sequence of lifts was out of this world.”

Craig claps slowly says nothing. But during scoring awarded a ten


Showtime The Final December 15th Saturday

1. Judges Pick – Salsa to (I’ve Had The) Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

All Judges thought 2nd time around it was still amazing, iconic lifts, “nailed it fearless determination, you are a joy”, said Dame Darcey

Judges Scores by initial.

C – 10    D – 10  S- 10  B- 10   = 40 points 5 more points than first time around. Votes for the public will open after the couples have all danced once.

Show dance: Song-  Keeping Your Head Up by Birdy.

Contemporary dance, Purple sparkly short dress leotard base outfit bare feet. On a revolving round little stage. It told their strictly story


Out of respect I’m going to stand up to say this comment you are the epitome, we already know you are a great dancer, but I feel you have stretched yourself you have learnt techniques you have not done before I am grateful to you


“That was sensational, you have no idea how hard that dance it, athleticism, artistry, storytelling, emotion, risks you exceeded beautifully my darling.”


“I had a small problem with your right toe darling but then i decided to get over myself. ”

Dame Darcey

“That was showcasing all of your strengths, lifts from, balance from exciting risks, outstanding, artistry, expressions not missing a beat it was stunning thank you. ”

C- 10  D – 10   S – 10   B – 10     40 points


The couple will choose the 3rd dance CHARLESTON They did previously


One of My favourites, nothing that you couldn’t do that wouldn’t set the world on fire, you have surprised, delighted us, no matter the outcome tonight.


They keep getting better, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, you keep raising the bar, you take the comments you deliver I love watching you dance.”


I’m glad you choose this dance, its full of character, I wish I could dance like you, you are amazing absolutely amazing

Dame Darcy

“It just shows tonight what a versatile dancer you are, details in the divine face, please tell me you will never stop dancing. ”

C- 10  D – 10  S – 10   B – 10  =  40 points

Ashley and Pasha Showdance Final Strictly Come Dancing 15th December 2018


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