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King Henry VIII Supremacy Act
King Henry VIII Supremacy Act

3rd November 1534 Parliament passed The Act of Supremacy

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Under the reign of King Henry the VIII

Parliament passed ‘The Act of Supremacy’, 1534 Henry VIII became ‘Supreme Head of the Church of England’.


Disputes about wives was not the only reason for wanting to become head of the church

The dissatisfaction with having to ask the permission of Rome all the time for ecclesiastical matters goes back to the Plantagenet and Norman leaders. Agitation between the crown of England and Popes of Rome. Resentment about not wanting popes to control England or the monarch. Ireland also had gotten fed up of being dictated to by others. 
There was also the consensus that the abuse happening in the Catholic church could be a thing of the past, once an English church established. But that God / Jesus was the all-time head of any church.
This eventually turned people to being Congregationalists. Access needed to change from the catholic control. People wanted to read scriptures themselves not listen to priests about things they could not read or understand. Many thought Roman doctrines had no place in a British church.

Till death do us part used to be the only way out of marriage

Henry VIII married his first wife Catherine of Aragon under the pope’s permission in 1509. When she did not produce a male heir, Henry became impatient, and it was not long before he became infatuated with Anne Boleyn in 1525. Anne Boleyn would not accept to be his mistress, so Henry to get the marriage to Catherine annulled. 

Pope Clement VII refused to annul the marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Henry needed to justify a reason the marriage between Catherine and himself was invalid. Under the Catholic religion a marriage was a contract until death.

A solution needed to be found which set of a chain reaction of events that eventually led to England’s split from the Catholic Church through an Act of Parliament called the ‘Supremacy Act’. Catherine had been previously married to Henry’s brother Arthur. Catherine refused to accept King Henry as head of the Church and thought herself as the rightful Queen, she died in Jan 1536, Kimbolton Castle.

Henry Married Anne Boleyn before the Act of Supremacy had been made law. Some historians state the first date was the secret marriage that took place Nov 14 1532, then the formal marriage of Jan 25 1533. by May-1533 the first Archbishop of Canterbury post was created, Thomas Cranmer. The King instructed him to find the first marriage void and the second marriage valid.

The pope excommunicated King Henry VIII and the Archbishop of Canterbury, so destiny started to change the divide between the Church of England, and the Catholic church in Rome. 1st June 1533 Anne Boleyn became queen.

Queen Mary repealed the act but Queen Elizabeth I re-enacted it. Which is why our current Monarch is still head of the Church of England.

 English Reformation

The Act of Royal Supremacy would not suffer any future parliament withdrawal. It enabled sovereignty over the civil laws regarding the laws of the Church of England. For King Henry VIII and his successors as and established right or fact.
This 1534 Act also started the English Reformation.
The Treasons Act was pasted in the same year 1534 it stated that if anyone disobeyed the Act of Supremacy, they considered it an act of treason, punishable by death.

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