King William 4th

8th September 1831 William the IV is crowned King of Great Britain

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1831 William the IV is crowned King of Great Britain

King William 4th

King William 4th
This William was known as Duke of Clarence and St Andrews , unexpected that he would be king at the age of 64. His Brothers had produced no heirs. 

He was in the Royal Navy nicknamed  “Sailor King” friends with Nelson. Perhaps this is why we see his Statue near the Royal Maritime Museum in Greenwich.  Until we discover he was the Uk’s first High Admiral in 1790. It was William who was in support of steam warships.

One of William’s younger brothers Edward who died had a daughter who William was very fond of, his niece would one day become Queen Victoria. 

Despite having many children with love interest actress Dorothea Jordan sometimes known as Miss Bland, they were not able to take on any heirs or graces or rights to the throne.



Later on, King William IV married Princess Adelaide of Saxe- Meinigen but no children survived so again no heirs to the throne. 

What Things were happening During William IV’s Reign

Slavery was abolished in most of the British Empire

Child labour was restricted

The Reform Act 1832

More people had the ability to Vote and the Suffragette concept was being acknowledged

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