7th November 1974 Lord Lucan disapeared for one good reason

Britains greatest unsolved mystery, Lord Lucan disappeared from his home in Belgravia on the 7th November 1974 after a set of events on the night of the 7th November 1974, that resulted in the murder of the family’s nanny Sandra Rivet, and the attempted murder of Lord Lucan’s estranged wife Countess of Lucan.

The Timeline of the greatest Murder Mystery Britain has ever known, the disappearance of Lord Lucan


  1. Lady Lucan made a statement to police that her husband was the attacker
  2. Mrs. Madeleine Floorman, a family friend received a knock at the door at 10 pm but ignored it. Sometime later Lord Lucan telephoned, the conversation was incoherent Mrs. Madeleine ended the call. They found the following day traces of blood on her doorstep. 
  3.  Lord Lucan phoned his mother at 10:30, to ask her to collect children from the house, there had been some issues. His mother drove to the Lucan’s house in Belgravia to find the police had set up a crime scene
  4. 11:30 pm Lord Lucan driving a borrowed Ford Corsair arrived at his friend’s Ian and Susan Maxwell-Scott in Uckfield, Sussex. Lord Lucan explained to his friends he had seen someone attack his wife, he entered the house; the attacker had fled by the time he found his wife. He had slipped and was covered, he admitted it did not look good. His estranged wife ran out shouting murder. Lord Lucan in his words, panicked and left.   
  5. At 12:15 am on the 8th of November Lord Lucan phoned his mother again to check she had the children. 
  6. Lord Lucan Wrote 2 letters and insisted he had to leave, this was the last sighting of Lord Lucan.

Comment below, what do you think, Why did he run, can someone vanish?






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