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6th October 1892 Tennyson, one of the most famous English poets dies

Tennyson arguably the greatest English Poet
Tennyson arguably the greatest English Poet

Alfred, Lord Tennyson arguably one of the most famous English Poets dies on this day in 1862


Tennyson is best known for?

Tennyson is known for writing short lyrics based on Classical mythological themes helped with a sound knowledge of Latin and Greek. Tennyson studied at Louth Grammar school in Lincolnshire, followed by a spell of being home educated by his father. In 1827 he entered Trinity College, Cambridge. Around this early period, he published his first book of Poetry with his brother titled ‘Poems by two brothers’. Whilst an undergraduate at Cambridge, Tennyson went on to publish two further volumes titled Poems Chiefly Lyrical and Poems.

In 1889 Tennyson recorded on wax cylinders readings of some of his work such as The charge of the light brigade, by the request of Thomas Edison.

Tennys9on passed away 6th October 1892, buried in Westminster Abbey, London

Tennyson works (not exhaustive)

The Princess
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Tears, Idle Tears
In Memoriam A.H.H. (1849)
Ring Out, Wild Bells (1850)
The Eagle (1851)
The Sister’s Shame[44]
The Charge of the Light Brigade (1854)
Idylls of the King (1859–1885)
From Enoch Arden and Other Poems (1862/1864)
Enoch Arden
Flower in the crannied wall (1869)
The Window
Nothing Will Die
All Things Will Die
The Dying Swan
The Kraken
Lady Clara Vere de Vere (1832)
From Poems (1833)
The Lotos-Eaters
The Lady of Shalott
St. Simeon Stylites (1833)
Break, Break, Break (1842)
From Poems (1842)
Locksley Hall
Vision of Sin
The Two Voices (1834)
Ulysses (1833)
Harold (1876)
Idylls of the King
Montenegro (1877)
Becket (1884) [45]
Crossing the Bar (1889)
The Foresters




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