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The United Nations sees this day as World Environment Day.

This Day also sees the start of Child Safety Week see the Action pack get kids involved .

1963 saw a Married British Secretary of state Profumo resigning over the Scandal that involved his integrity because of his relationship with a call girl Christine Keeler.Keeler also had relations with a Russian embassy attache, which then posed a security risk. Keelers photographic portrait is a well known 1960s image. It captures her mystic and stops time on her youth and perhaps naivety. This nostalgic political soap opera of the 1960s gave a glimpse into high society, spies and glamour. It was under Harold MacMillan’s Conservative governement.

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17 June

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1955 Churchill resigns as British Prime Minister Conservative sources on pathe state the 4th of April however BBC news and websites feature this on the

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