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1993 Buckingham Palace opened its doors to the public

Ticket sales went towards the restoration of Windsor Castle fire damage.This broadcast features American News company interviewing British Palace staff and showing the Palace in context.

2nd August 1

1958 the Litter Act landed in London

Fines of £10 were introduced part of the “Keep Britain Tidy”, Campaign.
Some of the adverts over the years, of the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign are still relevant. The symbol in the photo is recognised nationally. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign turned ito a charity in 1960. It was set up by the initiative of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes in 1954.
this clip shows how the East End of London was back in 1958

Keep britain Tidy Icon on public bins
Keep britain Tidy Icon on public bins
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10th April

1998 Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland   The sound of what the Prime Minister says eventually does come back BBC newscaster explains some of the

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1st June

International Childrens Day, set up in 1925 during the World Conference for the Wellbring of children, National Milk Day has been going in the uk

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