29th July 155 This is Your Life; 1st Broadcast

1955 saw the first Tv broadcast of the hit series “This Is Your Life” . The first show was hosted by Ralph Edwards who was specially flown in from the USA. He was the creator of the American version of this show that had started around 1952.

The Host would surprise  famous people , A listers of the time whilst they were going about their usual business, unaware their partners family were often in on it. Suddenly they were presented with the famous line the host would say their name to viewers unsure or knew to who the star might be, and then the famous line “This is Your Life”. Then their life would be featured on the TV live show and their old friends, relations acquaintances would be summoned up and most often would appear in the studio as the time line story of their life was told to the viewers.

The original first  feature star was to be the British Footballer Stanley Matthews CBE, but this was leaked by the Daily Sketch Tabloid. So a new person had to be found. So the first victim, was Eamonn Andrews, who went on to host the show for many years to come and became a household name.The hosts iconic album type book of facts and history of the personalities life that he would refer to and later present to the star just before the close of the show.   It was a popular show that ran for about 27  years, with a short gap in the mid 1960s, Andrews Hosting all the way up until his death in 1987.  The TV network it was broadcast by, also changed during this time. It first started with BBC, Andrews moved to ABC, thankfully, ITV Thames television rescued it in 1969. In 1994 it returned to the BBC even though Thames Tv had some production rights over it.  Michael Aspel then took over the show after Andrews sad departure in 1987, till 2003.

The Theme tune was magnificent, and very memorable to so many generations of families in the uk, it was by Laurie Johnson MBE Hampstead London born composer and entitled “Gala Performance “

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