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2012 Queen Elizabeth II Opens the 30th Olympics In London with a short film made about her and 007.

2000 The labour government announced radical reorganisation plans of the NHS the first of its kind since its invention in 1948. The project was to make improvements over the next ten years. Improvements  in;

7 thousand extra beds in the next 4 years.

7.5 consultants extra

Reduced waiting times from 18 months to 6 months by 2004 and 3 months by 2008

Extra 20 thousand nurses

Extra 2 000 Gps

A £570m for Cancer services

£230 m for heart disease

A concordat with private sector to give extra capacity

A National Clinical Assessment Authority to get back public confidence in Doctors.

A National Fruit scheme for six year olds at school to have a piece of fruit a day to reduce health risks later in life.

The opposition leader challenged these future projections because the current leader Blair and his government would not be held responsible for future failures. Issues about personal care washing and feeding were not free under the new system.






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Maths Quiz: Test your basic Maths

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Mathematic Quiz - Prime and Composite Numbers

Math quiz helps us to increase our knowledge

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is 16 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 29 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 441 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

4 / 9

is 908 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

5 / 9

is 61 a Prime number or a Composite number?

6 / 9

is 987 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

7 / 9

is 850 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

8 / 9

is 529 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

9 / 9

is 601 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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10th April

1998 Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland   The sound of what the Prime Minister says eventually does come back BBC newscaster explains some of the

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