25th November 1918 The real end of WW1

The Real end of WW1, 25th November 1918?

The Armistices in mainland Europe on the 11th of November did not signal the end of hostilities everywhere. Fighting continued in East Africa. The war continued in now what is called Zambia (back then Northern Rhodesia. It is said that at the time of the European armistices General Paul Emil Von Lettow-Vorbeck did not get word the war had ended.

On the 14th November, General Lettow-Vorbeck led his forces (3,000 German + 11,000 African forces) captured the town of Kasama. It was here where the general learned of the armistice. The British requested the General take his army to the town of Abercorn to make the formal Surrender. This took place on the 25th November 1918. The German army threw their weapons into the lake Chila.


a short film about African Location WW1 ended in MBala Zambia  is featured in this clip

Location: Telegram informing of Armistices

Location: Surrender location Abercorn (now Mbala)


Images on the web: General Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck, a Prussian Army Commander

25th November 1918 The real end of WW1 1

The surrender site

25th November 1918 The real end of WW1 2

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