20th November 1947 Future British Queen Marries Philip Mountbatten

The future queen of the United Kingdom on the 19th November 1947 marries Philip Mountbatten.

Elizabeth married at the age of 21 to Philip, a Greek prince. Before the marriage could take place Philip had top become a naturalised British citizen.

The wedding took place when the country was still under rationing, the material for the wedding dress was reported to have been purchased through ration coupons, the government (gift?) allowed Elizabeth 200 extra coupons for the dress.

When Elizabeth was crowned Queen, Philip was still known as the Duke of Edinburgh.

At the ceremony Philip dedicated himself:

“I, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, do become your liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship; and faith and truth I will bear unto you, to live and die, against all manner of folks. So help me God.”

In 1957 Philip became an official Prince.

A solid team, that remains the foundation of the Royal Family

YouTube clip from AP footage:

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