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11th November Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday 11th of 11th
Remembrance Sunday 11th of 11th

When is Remembrance Sunday

They hold remembrance Sunday on the second Sunday in November, the closest Sunday to the 11th November. 2019 Sunday 10th of November is when the service will be held.

When was the first Remembrance Sunday in London

1919 London saw its first remembrance Sunday being held King George the V was the Monarch who inaugurated the event.

The first BBC first broadcast of the national remembrance Sunday service by radio in 1928, and by 1937 it was televised.

Other names for the remembrance day and the significance of 11

It is also known as Poppy Day and often called Armistice Day. A day that is celebrated by many countries to remember all those who gave their lives in the Line of Duty during wars battles.

The 11th of November is significant because the first world war ended on the 11th hour on the eleventh day on the eleventh month 1918.

Order of Wreath Bearers

The monarch still to this day lays the first wreath at the Cenotaph at Whitehall. Other significant wreath bearers would be;  members of the Royal family, heads of state and other leaders especially from Commonwealth countries, heads of government, and political parties. The Nation observes a national  2 minutes silence. It now encompasses all wars since.  A religious service is held, marching parading important groups of personal including veterans. The Household division also takes part in remembrance Sunday.

When did the Cenotaph open in London

Edward Lutyens was the designer behind the Cenotaph, taking its name inspiration from Greek words that mean “Empty”, “Tomb”.  The first structure was wood and plaster was to be only temporary just after WW1. Due to public and popular demand the idea to retain the site with something permanent lead to the design being made out of Portland Stone. From 1919 the renowned construction firm Holland Hannen and Cubitts. King George opened the completed structure for the 1920 remembrance service 11th November.


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